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M058LDN ARM Cortex-M0 32-bit Microcontroller www.ic-stocks.com

  • 저자:salmon ye
  • 출처:www.ic-stocks.com
  • 출시일:2021-07-28


The NuMicro ®M051 DN/DE series 32-bit microcontroller is embedded with ARM

®Cortex®-M0 core for industrial control and applications which need rich communication interfaces. The NuMicro®M051 DN/DE series includes the following part numbers: M052xDN/xDE, M054xDN/xDE, M058xDN/xDE and M0516xDN

/xDE.The NuMicro®M051DN/DE series can run up to 50 MHz and operate at 2.5V ~ 5.5V,-40°C~ 85°C, while M05xxDE operates at-40°C~ 105°C,and thus can afford to support a variety of industrial control and applications which need high CPU performance. The NuMicro®M051DN/DE series offers 8/16/32/64KBflash, 4KBData Flash, 4KB flash for the ISP, and 4KB SRAM.

Many system level peripheral functions, such as I/O Port, EBI (External Bus Interface), Timer, UART, SPI, I2C, PWM, ADC, Watchdog Timer, Window Watchdog Timer, Analog Comparator and Brown-out Detector, have been incorporated into The NuMicro

®M051DN/DE series in order to reduce component count, board space and system cost. These useful functions make The NuMicro®M051DN/DE series powerful for a wide range of applications.Additionally, the NuMicro®M051DN/DE series is equipped with ISP (In

-System Programming) and ICP (In-Circuit Programming) functions, and IAP (In

-Application Programming), which allow

the user to update the program memory without removing the chip from the actual end product.

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