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AD AD8032 Rail-to-Rail I/O Amplifiers IC-STOCKS

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  • Release on:2019-06-04

Low powerSupply current 800 μA/amplifierFully specified at +2.7 V, +5 V, and ±5 V supplies

High speed and fast settling on 5 V80 MHz, −3 dB bandwidth (G = +1)30 V/μs slew rate125 ns settling time to 0.1%

Rail-to-rail input and outputNo phase reversal with input 0.5 V beyond suppliesInput CMVR extends beyond rails by 200 mVOutput swing to within 20 mV of either rail

Low distortion−62 dB @ 1 MHz, VO = 2 V p-p−86 dB @ 100 kHz, VO = 4.6 V p-p

Output current: 15 mA

High grade option: VOS (maximum) = 1.5 mV


High speed, battery-operated systems

High component density systems

Portable test instruments

A/D buffersActive filters

High speed, set-and-demand amplifiers


The AD8031 (single) and AD8032 (dual) single-supply, voltagefeedback amplifiers feature high speed performance with80 MHz of small signal bandwidth, 30 V/μs slew rate, and 125 nssettling time.

This performance is possible while consuming lessthan 4.0 mW of power from a single 5 V supply. These featuresincrease the operation time of high speed, battery-poweredsystems without compromising dynamic performance.

The products have true single-supply capability with rail-to-railinput and output characteristics and are specified for +2.7 V, +5 V,and ±5 V supplies. The input voltage range can extend to 500 mVbeyond each rail.

The output voltage swings to within 20 mV ofeach rail providing the maximum output dynamic range.The AD8031/AD8032 also offer excellent signal quality for only800 μA of supply current per amplifier; 

THD is −62 dBc with a2 V p-p, 1 MHz output signal, and –86 dBc for a 100 kHz,4.6 V p-p signal on +5 V supply. The low distortion and fastsettling time make them ideal as buffers to single-supply ADCs 

Operating on supplies from +2.7 V to +12 V and dual suppliesup to ±6 V, the AD8031/AD8032 are ideal for a wide range ofapplications, from battery-operated systems with large bandwidthrequirements to high speed systems where component densityrequires lower power dissipation.

The AD8031/AD8032 areavailable in 8-lead PDIP and 8-lead SOIC_N packages andoperate over the industrial temperature range of −40°C to+85°C. The AD8031A is also available in the space-saving5-lead SOT-23 package, and the AD8032A is available in an8-lead MSOP package.

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