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AD AD8531A Low Cost, 250 mA Output, Single-Supply Amplifiers IC-STOCKS

  • Author:Salmon Ye
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  • Release on:2019-10-31

Single-supply operation: 2.7 V to 6 V

High output current: ±250 mA

Low supply current: 750

μA/amplifierWide bandwidth: 3 MHz

Slew rate: 5 V/μs

No phase reversal

Low input currents

Unity gain stable

Rail-to-rail input and output


Multimedia audio

LCD drivers

ASIC input or output amplifiers

Headphone drivers


The AD8531, AD8532, and AD8534 are single, dual, and quadrail-to-rail input/output single-supply amplifiers featuring250 mA output drive current. This high output current makesthese amplifiers excellent for driving either resistive or capacitiveloads.

AC performance is very good with 3 MHz bandwidth,5 V/μs slew rate, and low distortion. All are guaranteed to operatefrom a 3 V single supply as well as a 5 V supply.

The very low input bias currents enable the AD853x to be used forintegrators, diode amplification, and other applications requiringlow input bias current. Supply current is only 750 μA peramplifier at 5 V, allowing low current applications to controlhigh current loads.

Applications include audio amplification for computers, soundports, sound cards, and set-top boxes. The AD853x family isvery stable, and it is capable of driving heavy capacitive loadssuch as those found in LCDs.

The ability to swing rail-to-rail at the inputs and outputs enablesdesigners to buffer CMOS DACs, ASICs, or other wide outputswing devices in single-supply systems.

The AD8531/AD8532/AD8534 are specified over the extendedindustrial temperature range (−40°C to +85°C). The AD8531 isavailable in 8-lead SOIC, 5-lead SC70, and 5-lead SOT-23 packages.

The AD8532 is available in 8-lead SOIC, 8-lead MSOP, and 8-leadTSSOP surface-mount packages. The AD8534 is available innarrow 14-lead SOIC and 14-lead TSSOP surface-mountpackages.

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