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Chinese Spring Festival

  • Author:lulu
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  • Release on:2020-01-07
The Spring Festival, also known as the lunar New Year, is the beginning of the year and is traditionally known as the annual festival.Commonly known as the New Year, the New Year, the New Year, the New Year, the New Year, the jubilee, the big year, and so on, also known as the year, the anniversary, the New Year, the big year.The Spring Festival has a long history, evolved from the ancient times.All things on the day, people on the ancestor, pray for the worship of the year, worship the law of the ancestor, return the reverse also.The origin of the Spring Festival contains profound cultural connotation and carries rich historical and cultural deposits in the course of inheritance and development.During the Spring Festival, all over the country have held a variety of activities to celebrate the New Year, with strong regional characteristics, lively festive atmosphere filled with;These activities take the old and new, welcome the jubilee to receive blessings, worship gods and worship ancestors, pray for a good harvest as the main content, the form is rich and colorful, embodies the essence of the traditional Chinese culture.

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