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FIN1108 Fairchild— LVDS 8-Port, High-Speed Repeater ic-stocks

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  • Release on:2018-08-02
Features ƒ
Greater than 800Mbps Data Rate ƒ
3.3V Power Supply Operation ƒ
3.5ps Maximum Random Jitter and 135ps Maximum Deterministic Jitter ƒ
Wide Rail-to-Rail Common Mode Range ƒ
LVDS Receiver Inputs Accept LVPECL, HSTL, and SSTL-2 Directly ƒ
Ultra-low Power Consumption ƒ
20ps Typical Channel-to-Channel Skew ƒ
Power-Off Protection ƒ
7.5kV HBM ESD Protection ƒ
Meets or Exceeds the TIA/EIA-644-A LVDS Standard ƒ
48-Lead TSSOP Package ƒ Open-Circuit Fail-Safe Protection ƒ VBB Reference Output

This eight-port repeater is designed for high-speed interconnects utilizing Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) technology. The FIN1108 accepts and outputs LVDS levels with a typical differential output swing of 330mV, which provides low EMI at ultra-low power dissipation even at high frequencies.
The FIN1108 provides a VBB reference for AC coupling on the inputs. In addition, the FIN1108 can directly accept LVPECL, HSTL, and SSTL-2 for translation to LVDS.

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