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Freescale MC68LC302 Low Cost Integrated Multiprotocol Processor ic-stock

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  • Release on:2018-11-08
Product Brief

Low Cost Integrated Multiprotocol Processor

Freescale introduces the low cost version of the well-known MC68302 Integrated Multiprotocol Processor (IMP).It will be known as the MC68LC302, and will expand a family of devices based on the MC68302.

Some features and pins have been removed while other features have been enhanced as compared to theoriginal MC68302. Simply put, the MC68LC302 is a traditional MC68302 with a new static 68000 core, a newtimer and low power modes, but without the third serial communication controller (SCC).

It is packaged in a lowprofile 100 TQFP that requires less board space than the regular MC68302, as well as making it suitable foruse in height restricted applications such as PCMCIA.


The features of the MC68LC302 are as follows. Bold face items show major differences from the MC68302.

• On-Chip Static 68000 Core Supporting a 16- or 8-Bit M68000 Family System

• SIB Including:

— Independent Direct Memory Access (IDMA) Controller

— Interrupt Controller with Two Modes of Operation

— Parallel Input/Output (I/O) Ports, Some with Interrupt Capability

— On-Chip 1152-Byte Dual-Port RAM

— Three Timers Including a Watchdog Timer

— New Periodic Interrupt Timer (PIT)

— Four Programmable Chip-Select Lines with Wait-State Generator Logic

— Programmable Address Mapping of the Dual-Port RAM and IMP Registers

— On-Chip Clock Generator with Output Signal

— On-Chip PLL Allows Operation with 32 kHz or 4 MHz Crystals

— Glueless Interface to EPROM, SRAM, Flash EPROM, and EEPROM

— Allows Boot in 8-bit Mode, and Running Switch to 16-bit Mode

— System Control:

System Status and Control Logic

Disable CPU Logic (Slave Mode Operation)

Hardware Watchdog

New Low-Power (Standby) Modes with Wake-Up from Two Pins or PIT

Freeze Control for Debugging (Available Only in the PGA Package)

DRAM Refresh Controller

• CP Including:

— Main Controller (RISC Processor)

— Two Independent Full-Duplex Serial Communications Controllers (SCCs)

— Supporting Various Protocols:High-Level/Synchronous Data Link Control (HDLC/SDLC)Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART)Binary Synchronous Communication (BISYNC)Transparent ModesAutobaud Support

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