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High-Voltage Half-BridgeDriver with InbuiltOscillator NCP13920DDR2G

  • Author:salmon ye
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  • Release on:2021-12-02

The NCP1392B/D is a self−oscillating high voltage MOSFET driver primarily tailored for the applications using half bridgetopology. Due to its proprietary high−voltage technology, the driver accepts bulk voltages up to 600 V.

Operating frequency of the drivercan be adjusted from 25 kHz to 480 kHz using a single resistor.Adjustable Brown−out protection assures correct bulk voltage

operating range.

An internal 100 ms or 12.6 ms PFC delay timer guarantee that the main downstream converter will be turned on in thetime the bulk voltage is fully stabilized. The device provides fixed dead time which helps lowering the shoot−through current.


Wide Operating Frequency Range − from 25 kHz to 480 kHz

Minimum frequency adjust accuracy $3%

Fixed Dead Time − 0.6 ms or 0.3 ms

Adjustable Brown−out Protection for a Simple PFC Association

100 ms or 12.6 ms PFC Delay Timer

Non−latched Enable Input

Internal 16 V VCCClamp

Low Startup Current of 50 mA

1 A / 0.5 A Peak Current Sink / Source Drive Capability

Operation up to 600 V Bulk Voltage

Internal Temperature Shutdow

SOIC−8 Package

These are Pb−Free Devices

Typical Applications

Flat Panel Display Power Converters

Low Cost Resonant SMPS

High Power AC/DC Adapters for Notebooks

Offline Battery Chargers

Lamp Ballasts

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