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IDT7130SA55J IDT PLCC52 datasheet www.ic-stocks.com

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  • Release on:2019-05-15

◆ High-speed access

– Commercial: 20/25/35/55/100ns (max.)

– Industrial: 25/55/100ns (max.)

– Military: 25/35/55/100ns (max.)

◆ Low-power operation

– IDT7130/IDT7140SA

— Active: 550mW (typ.)

— Standby: 5mW (typ.)

– IDT7130/IDT7140LA

— Active: 550mW (typ.)

— Standby: 1mW (typ.)

◆ MASTER IDT7130 easily expands data bus width to 16-ormore-bits using SLAVE IDT7140

◆ On-chip port arbitration logic (IDT7130 Only)

◆ BUSY output flag on IDT7130; BUSY input on IDT7140

◆ INT flag for port-to-port communication

◆ Fully asynchronous operation from either port

◆ Battery backup operation–2V data retention (LA only)

◆ TTL-compatible, single 5V ±10% power supply

◆ Military product compliant to MIL-PRF-38535 QML

◆ Industrial temperature range (–40°C to +85°C) is available for selected speeds

◆ Available in 48-pin DIP, LCC and Ceramic Flatpack, 52-pin PLCC, and 64-pin STQFP and TQFP

◆ Green parts available, see ordering information


The IDT7130/IDT7140 are high-speed 1K x 8 Dual-Port Static RAMs. The IDT7130 is designed to be used as a stand-alone 8-bit Dual-Port RAM or as a "MASTER" Dual-Port RAM together with the IDT7140 "SLAVE" Dual-Port in 16-bit-or-more word width systems. Using the IDT MASTER/SLAVE Dual-Port RAM approach in 16-ormore-bit memory system applications results in full-speed, errorfree operation without the need for additional discrete logic.

Both devices provide two independent ports with separate control, address, and I/O pins that permit independent asynchronous access for reads or writes to any location in memory. An automatic power down feature, controlled by CE, permits the on chip circuitry of each port to enter a very low standby power mode. Fabricated using CMOS high-performance technology, these devices typically operate on only 550mW of power. Low-power (LA) versions offer battery backup data retention capability, with each DualPort typically consuming 200µW from a 2V battery.

The IDT7130/IDT7140 devices are packaged in 48-pin sidebraze or plastic DIPs, LCCs, flatpacks, 52-pin PLCC, and 64-pin TQFP and STQFP. Military grade products are manufactured in compliance with the latest revision of MIL-PRF-38535 QML, making it ideally suited to military temperature applications demanding the highest level of performance and reliability.

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