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LTC1668IGPBF 16-Bit, 50Msps DAC www.ic-stocks.com

  • Author:salmon ye
  • Source:www.ic-stocks.com
  • Release on:2021-11-05


50Msps Update Rate

16-Bit Resolution

High Spectral Purity: 87dB SFDR at 1MHz f OUT

Differential Current Outputs

30ns Settling Time

5pV-s Glitch Impulse

Low Power: 180mW from ±5V Supplies

TTL/CMOS (3.3V or 5V) Inputs

Small Package: 28-Pin SSOP


Cellular Base Stations

Multicarrier Base Stations

Wireless Communication

Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)

xDSL Modems

Arbitrary Waveform Generation

Automated Test Equipment



The LTC®1668 is a 16-bit, 50Msps differential current output DAC implemented on a high performance BiCMOS

process with laser trimmed, thin-film resistors. The com-bination of a novel current-steering architecture and a

high performance process produces a DAC with excep-tional AC and DC performance. This is the first 16-bit DAC

in the marketplace to exhibit an SFDR (spurious freedynamic range) of 87dB for an output signal frequency of

1MHz.Operating from ±5V supplies, the LTC1668 can be con-figured to provide full-scale output currents up to 10mA.

The differential current outputs of the DAC allow single-ended or true differential operation. The – 1V to 1V output

compliance of the LTC1668 allows the outputs to be con-nected directly to external resistors to produce a differ-

ential output voltage without degrading the converter’s linearity. Alternatively, the outputs can be connected to the

summing junction of a high speed operational amplifier or to a transformer.

The LTC1668 is available in a 28-pin SSOP and is fully specified over the industrial temperature range.

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