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Linear LTC3891EFE High Voltage, Current Mode Switching Regulator Controller

  • Author:Salmon Ye
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  • Release on:2019-07-11

Wide Input Range: 4V to 60V

Output Voltages up to 36V (Step-Down)

Burst Mode® Operation: <100µA Supply Current

10µA Shutdown Supply Current

±1.3% Reference Accuracy

200kHz Fixed Frequency

Drives N-Channel MOSFET

Programmable Soft-Start

Programmable Undervoltage Lockout

Internal High Voltage Regulator for Gate Drive

Thermal Shutdown

Current Limit Unaffected by Duty Cycle

16-Pin Thermally Enhanced TSSOP Package


Industrial Power Distribution

12V and 42V Automotive and Heavy Equipment

High Voltage Single Board Systems

Distributed Power Systems

Avionicsn Telecom Power


The LT®3724 is a DC/DC controller used for medium power,low part count, low cost, high efficiency supplies. It offersa wide 4V-60V input range (7.5V minimum startupvoltage) and can implement step-down, step-up, invertingand SEPIC topologies.

The LT3724 includes Burst Mode operation, which reducesquiescent current below 100µA and maintainshigh efficiency at light loads. An internal high voltage biasregulator allows for simple biasing and can be back drivento increase efficiency.

Additional features include fixed frequency current modecontrol for fast line and load transient response; a gate drivercapable of driving large N-channel MOSFETs; a precisionundervoltage lockout function; 10µA shutdown current;short-circuit protection; and a programmable soft-startfunction that directly controls output voltage slew rates atstartup which limits inrush current, minimizes overshootand facilitates supply sequencing.

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