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General Description

The MAX544/MAX545 are serial-input, voltage-output,14-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs) that operatefrom a single +5V supply. They provide 14-bit performance(±0.5LSB INL and ±0.9LSB DNL) over temperaturewithout any adjustments.

The DAC output isunbuffered, resulting in a low supply current of 0.3mAand a low offset error of 0.6mV.The DAC output range is 0V to VREF. For bipolar operation,matched scaling resistors are provided in theMAX545 for use with an external precision op amp(such as the MAX400), generating a ±VREF outputswing.

The MAX545 also includes Kelvin-sense connectionsfor the reference and analog ground pins toreduce layout sensitivity.A 16-bit serial word is used to load data into the DAClatch. The 10MHz, 3-wire serial interface is compatiblewith SPI™/QSPI™/MICROWIRE™, and it also interfacesdirectly with optocouplers for applications requiring isolation.

A power-on reset circuit clears the DAC output to 0V(unipolar mode) when power is initially applied.The MAX544 is available in 8-pin plastic DIP and SOpackages. The MAX545 is available in 14-pin plasticDIP and SO packages.


Digital Offset and Gain AdjustmentInstrumentationIndustrial Process ControlAutomated Test EquipmentData-Acquisition Systems


♦ Full 14-Bit Performance Without Adjustments

♦ +5V Single-Supply Operation

♦ Low Power: 1.5mW

♦ 1µs Settling Time

♦ Unbuffered Voltage Output Directly Drives 60kΩLoads

♦ SPI/QSPI/MICROWIRE-Compatible Serial Interface

♦ Power-On Reset Circuit Clears DAC Output to 0V(unipolar mode)

♦ Schmitt-Trigger Inputs for Direct OptocouplerInterface

♦ Pin-Compatible 16-Bit Upgrades(MAX541/MAX542)

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