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Microchip SEC1210-CN-02NC Smart Card Bridge ic-stocks

  • Author:salmon ye
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  • Release on:2018-07-13
General Description
The SEC1110 and SEC1210 provide a single-chip solution for a Smart Card bridge to USB and UART interfaces. These bridges are controlled by an enhanced 8051 micro controller and all chip peripherals are accessed and controlled through the SFR or XDATA register space.
TrustSpanTM Technology enables digital systems to securely communicate, process, move and store information on system boards, across networks and through the cloud.

Feature Highlights
• Smart Card
- The SEC1110 provides one Smart Card interface and the SEC1210 provides two
- Fully compliant with ISO/IEC 7816, EMV 4.2/ 4.3, ETSI TS 102 221 and PC/SC standards
- Versatile ETU rate generation, supporting current and proposed rates (up to 826 Kbps)
- Full support of both T=0 and T=1 protocols - Full-packet FIFO (261 bytes), for transmit and receive
- Half-duplex operation (no software intervention required between transmit and receive phases of exchange)
- Loose real-time response required of software (approximately 180 ms)
- Dynamically programmable FIFO threshold with byte granularity
- Time-out FIFO flush interrupt, independent of threshold
- Programmable Smart Card clock frequency
- UART-like register file structure
- Supports Class A, Class B, Class C, or Class AB Smart Cards (1.8 V, 3.0 V and 5.0 V cards)
- Automatic character repetition for T=0 protocol parity error recovery
- Automatic card deactivation on card removal and on other system events, including persistent parity errors
- Internal procedure byte filtering for T=0 protocol

• USB Smart Card reader
• UART-based Smart Card reader
• Dual Smart Card reader

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