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• High−Frequency Operation from 20 kHz up to 750 kHz

• Current Mode Control Scheme

• Automatic Dead−time with Maximum Dead−time Clamp

• Dedicated Startup Sequence for Fast Resonant Tank Stabilization

• Skip Mode Operation for Improved Light Load Efficiency

• Off−mode Operation for Extremely Low No−load Consumption

• Latched or Auto−Recovery Overload Protection

• Latched or Auto−Recovery Output Short Circuit Protection

• Latched Input for Severe Fault Conditions, e.g. OVP or OTP

• Out of Resonance Switching Protection

• Open Feedback Loop Protection

• Precise Brown−Out Protection

• PFC Stage Operation Control According to Load Conditions

• Startup Current Source with Extremely Low Leakage Current

• Dynamic Self−Supply (DSS) Operation in Off−mode or Fault Modes

• Pin to Adjacent Pin / Open Pin Fail Safe

• These are Pb−Free Devices

Typical Applications

• Adapters and Offline Battery Chargers

• Flat Panel Display Power Converters

• Computing Power Supplies

• Industrial and Medical Power Sources

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