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ON FPDB60PH60B PFC SPM® 3 Series for 2-Phase Bridgeless PFC IC-STOCKS

  • Author:Salmon Ye
  • Source:www.ic-stocks.com
  • Release on:2020-11-13

• UL Certified No. E209204 (UL1557)

• 600 V - 60 A 2-Phase Bridgeless PFC with Integral Gate Driver and Protection

• Very Low Thermal Resistance Using AlN DBC Substrate

• Built-in NTC Thermistor for Temperature Monitoring

• Built-in Shunt Resistor for Current Sensing

• Optimized for 20kHz Switching Frequency

• Isolation Rating: 2500 Vrms/min.


• 2-Phase Bridgeless PFC Converter

General Description

The FPDB60PH60B is an advanced PFC SPM® 3 module providing a fully-featured, high-performance Bridgeless PFC (Power Factor Correction) input power stage for consumer, medical, and industrial applications.

These modules integrate optimized gate drive of the built-in IGBTs to minimize EMI and losses, while also providing multiple on-module protection features including under-voltage lockout, over-current shutdown, thermal monitoring, and fault reporting.

These modules also feature high-performance output diodes and shunt resistor for additional space savings and mounting convenience.

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