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SMSC LAN8187I-JT High-Performance MII and RMII 10/100 Ethernet PHY IC-STOCKS

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  • Release on:2018-11-09

Single-Chip Ethernet Physical Layer Transceiver(PHY)

Performs HP Auto-MDIX in accordance with IEEE802.3ab specification

Automatic Polarity Correction

Comprehensive SMSC flexPWRTM Technology— Flexible Power Management Architecture

LVCMOS Variable I/O voltage range: +1.6V to +3.6V

Integrated 3.3V to 1.8V regulator for optional singlesupply operation.

— Regulator can be disabled if 1.8V system supply isavailable.

Energy Detect power-down mode

Low Current consumption power down mode

Low operating current consumption:

— 39mA typical in 10BASE-T and

— 79mA typical in 100BASE-TX mode

8kV HBM ESD Performance

Supports Auto-negotiation and Parallel Detection

Supports the Media Independent Interface (MII) andReduced Media Independent Interface (RMII)

Compliant with IEEE 802.3-2005 standards

— MII Pins tolerant to 3.6V

IEEE 802.3-2005 compliant register functions

Integrated DSP with Adaptive Equalizer

Baseline Wander (BLW) Correction

Vendor Specific register functions

Low profile 64-pin TQFP package; green, lead-free

4 LED status indicators

Commercial Operating Temperature 0° C to 70° C

Industrial Operating Temperature -40° C to 85° Cversion available (LAN8187I)


Set Top Boxes

Network Printers and Servers

LAN on Motherboard

10/100 PCMCIA/CardBus Applications

Embedded Telecom Application

Video Record/Playback Systems

Cable Modems/Routers

Digital Video Recorders

Personal video Recorders

IP and Video Phones

Wireless Access Points

Digital Televisions

Digital Media Adapters/Servers

POS Terminals

Automotive Networking

Gaming Consoles

Security Systems

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