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Samsung K9GAG08UOE-SCB0 16Gb E-die NAND Flash IC-STOCKS

  • Author:Salmon Ye
  • Source:www.ic-stocks.com
  • Release on:2020-09-24
1.2 Features

• Voltage Supply - 3.3V Device : 2.7V ~ 3.6V

• Organization - Memory Cell Array : (2,076M x 110.49K) x 8bit - Data Register : (8K + 436) x 8bit

• Automatic Program and Erase - Page Program : (8K + 436)Byte - Block Erase : (1M + 54.5K)Byte

• Page Read Operation - Page Size : (8K + 436)Byte - Random Read : 400μs(Max.) - Serial Access : 30ns(Min.)

• Memory Cell : 2bit / Memory Cell

• Fast Write Cycle Time - Program time : 1.2ms(Typ.) - Block Erase Time : 1.5ms(Typ.)

• Command/Address/Data Multiplexed I/O Port

• Hardware Data Protection - Program/Erase Lockout During Power Transitions

• Reliable CMOS Floating-Gate Technology - ECC Requirement : 24bit/(1K +54.5)Byte - Endurance & Data Retention : Pleae refer to the qualification report

• Command Register Operation

• Unique ID for Copyright Protection

• Package : - K9GAG08U0E-SCB0/SIB0 : Pb-Halogen FREE PACKAGE 48 - Pin TSOP1 (12 x 20 / 0.5 mm pitch) - K9LBG08U0E-SCB0/SIB0 : Pb-Halogen FREE PACKAGE 48 - Pin TSOP1 (12 x 20 / 0.5 mm pitch) - K9HCG08U1E-SCB0/SIB0 : Pb-Halogen FREE PACKAGE 48 - Pin TSOP1 (12 x 20 / 0.5 mm pitch)

1.3 General Description The device is offered in 3.3V Vcc. Its NAND cell provides the most cost-effective solution for the solid state mass storage market. A program operation can be performed in typical 1.2ms on the 8,628-byte page and an erase operation can be performed in typical 1.5ms on a (1M+54.5K)byte block. Data in the data register can be read out at 30ns cycle time per byte.

The I/O pins serve as the ports for address and data input/output as well as command input. The on-chip write controller automates all program and erase functions including pulse repetition, where required, and internal verification and margining of data.

Even the write-intensive systems can take advantage of the K9GAG08U0E′s extended reliability of P/E cycles which are presented in the Qualification report by providing ECC(Error Correcting Code) with real time mapping-out algorithm.

The K9GAG08U0E is an optimum solution for large nonvolatile storage applications such as solid state file storage and other portable applications requiring non-volatility.

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