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ZL30407 SONET/SDH Network Element PLL IC-STOCKS

  • Author:salmon ye
  • Source:www.ic-stocks.com
  • Release on:2018-11-06

• Meets requirements of GR-253 for SONETStratum 3 and SONET Minimum Clocks (SMC)

• Meets requirements of GR-1244 for Stratum 3

• Meets requirements of G.813 Option 1 and 2 forSDH Equipment Clocks (SEC)

• Generates clocks for ST-BUS, DS1, DS2, DS3,OC-3, E1, E3, STM-1 and 19.44 MHz

• Holdover accuracy of 4x10 -12 meets GR-1244Stratum 3E and ITU-T G.812 requirements

• Continuously monitors both references forfrequency accuracy exceeding ±12 ppm

• Provides “hit-less” reference switching

• Compensates for Master Clock Oscillatoraccuracy

• Automatically detects frequency of both referenceclocks and synchronizes to any combination of8 kHz, 1.544 MHz, 2.048 MHz and 19.44 MHzreference frequencies

• Allows Hardware or Microprocessor control

• Pin compatible with ZL30410, ZL30402 andMT90401


• Synchronization for SDH and SONET NetworkElements

• Clock generation for ST-BUS and GCI backplanes


The ZL30407 is a Network Element Phase-LockedLoop designed to synchronize SDH and SONETsystems. In addition, it generates multiple clocks forlegacy PDH equipment and provides timing for STBUSand GCI backplanes.

The ZL30407 operates in NORMAL (LOCKED), HOLDOVER and FREE-RUN modes to ensure that in thepresence of jitter, wander and interruptions to the reference signals, the generated clocks meet internationalstandards.

The filtering characteristics of the PLL are hardware or software selectable and they do not require anyexternal adjustable components. The ZL30407 uses an external 20 MHz Master Clock Oscillator to provide a stabletiming source for the HOLDOVER operation.

The ZL30407 operates from a single 3.3 V power supply and offers a 5 V tolerant microprocessor interface.

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