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Zarlink MT9172AN1 Digital Subscriber Interface Circuit Digital Network

  • Author:salmon ye
  • Source:www.ic-stocks.com
  • Release on:2018-09-27


• Full duplex transmission over a single twisted pair

• Selectable 80 or 160 kbit/s line rate

• Adaptive echo cancellation

• Up to 3 km (9171) and 4 km (9172)

• ISDN compatible (2B+D) data format

• Transparent modem capability

• Frame synchronization and clock extraction

• Zarlink ST-BUS compatible

• Low power (typically 50 mW), single 5 V supply


• Digital subscriber lines

• High speed data transmission over twisted wires

• Digital PABX line cards and telephone sets

• 80 or 160 kbit/s single chip modem


The MT9171 (DSIC) and MT9172 (DNIC) are pin forpin compatible replacements for the MT8971 andMT8972, respectively. They are multi-function devicescapable of providing high speed, full duplex digitaltransmission up to 160 kbit/s over a twisted wire pair.

They use adaptive echo-cancelling techniques andtransfer data in (2B+D) format compatible to the ISDNbasic rate. Several modes of operation allow an easyinterface to digital telecommunication networksincluding use as a high speed limited distance modem with data rates up to 160 kbit/s.

Both devices function identically but with the DSIC having a shorter maximum loopreach specification. The generic "DNIC" will be used to reference both devices unless otherwise noted.

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