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nRF2401A Nordic Single chip 2.4 GHz Transceiver ic-stocks

  • Author:salmon ye
  • Source:www.ic-stocks.com
  • Release on:2018-08-03
nRF2401A is a single-chip radio transceiver for the world wide 2.4 - 2.5 GHz ISM band. The transceiver consists of a fully integrated frequency synthesizer, a power amplifier, a crystal oscillator and a modulator.
Output power and frequency channels are easily programmable by use of the 3-wire serial interface. Current consumption is very low, only 10.5mA at an output power of -5dBm and 18mA in receive mode. Built-in Power Down modes makes power saving easily realizable.

• True single chip GFSK transceiver in a small 24-pin package (QFN24 5x5mm)
• Data rate 0 to1Mbps
• Only 2 external components
• Multi channel operation
  • 125 channels
  • Channel switching time <200µs
  • Support frequency hopping
• Data slicer / clock recovery of data
• Address and CRC computation
• DuoCeiver™ for simultaneous dual receiver topology
• ShockBurst™ mode for ultra-low power operation and relaxed MCU performance
• Power supply range: 1.9 to 3.6 V
• Low supply current (TX), typical 10.5mA peak @ -5dBm output power
• Low supply current (RX), typical 18mA peak in receive mode
• 100 % RF tested
• No need for external SAW filter
• World wide use

• Wireless mouse, keyboard, joystick
• Keyless entry
• Wireless data communication
• Alarm and security systems
• Home automation
• Surveillance
• Automotive
• Telemetry
• Intelligent sports equipment
• Industrial sensors
• Toys

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