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RTseries (DC Coil)16 Amp PC Board Miniature Relaywww.ic-stocks.com

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• SPST through DPDT contact arrangements.

• Immersion cleanable and flux tight versions a vailable.

• VDE 10mm spacing,5kV dielectric,coil to contacts.

• ULClass F coil insulation system.

• Conforms to UL 508,1873,353 and 1950

• Low profile; 15.7mm height.

• Sensitive coil; 400mW

• Withst and surge voltage of 10,000V

Coil Data

@ 25°C Voltage:5 to 48VDC.Nominal Power@ 25°C:40Duty Cycle:

Continuous.Initial Insulation Resistance:10,000 megohms,min.,at 25°C,500VDC 0mW

and 50% rel.humidity

Operate Data

@ 25°C Must Operate Voltage(DC):70% of nominal.Must Release Voltage(DC):

10% of nominal.Operate Time (Excluding Bounce):7 ms,typ.,15ms max.at nom.voltage.

Release Time (Excluding Bounce)

3 ms,typ.,6ms max.at nom.voltage

Environmental Data

Temperature Range:Storage:-40°C to +105°C.Operating:-40°C to +85°C at rated current.Vibration,Operational N.O.:0.065”(1.65mm) max.excursions from 10 - 55 Hz:N.C.:0.032”(0.82mm) max.excursions from 10 - 55 Hz: with no contact opening >10μs

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