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AD AD7945AN-B +3.3 V/+5 V Multiplying 12-Bit DACs IC-STOCKS

  • автор:Salmon Ye
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  • Освободить:2020-11-10

12-Bit Multiplying DACs Guaranteed Specifications with +3.3 V/+5 V Supply 0.5 LSBs INL and DNL Low Power: 5 mW typ

Fast Interface

40 ns Strobe Pulsewidth (AD7943) 40 ns Write Pulsewidth (AD7945, AD7948) Low Glitch: 60 nV-s with Amplifier Connected Fast Settling: 600 ns to 0.01% with AD843


Battery-Powered Instrumentation Laptop Computers Upgrades for All 754x Series DACs (5 V Designs)


The AD7943, AD7945 and AD7948 are fast 12-bit multiplying DACs that operate from a single +5 V supply (Normal Mode) and a single +3.3 V to +5 V supply (Biased Mode). The AD7943 has a serial interface, the AD7945 has a 12-bit parallel interface, and the AD7948 has an 8-bit byte interface.

They will replace the industry-standard AD7543, AD7545 and AD7548 in many applications, and they offer superior speed and power consumption performance. The AD7943 is available in 16-lead DIP, 16-lead SOP (Small Outline Package) and 20-lead SSOP (Shrink Small Outline Package).

The AD7945 is available in 20-lead DIP, 20-lead SOP and 20- lead SSOP. The AD7948 is available in 20-lead DIP, 20-lead SOP and 20- lead SSOP.

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