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We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of API electronic component parts.\r\nBrowse the part number by API to find the electronic component parts you need.\r\nOnce you find the API electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to submit a request for quote (RFQ), and we will contact you quickly.\r\nIf you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to 
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MIL1812-154J FIXED IND 150UH 149MA 9 OHM SMD Inquiry
160R-823JS FIXED IND 82UH 95MA 14 OHM SMD Inquiry
100R-182K FIXED IND 1.8UH 102MA 1.5 OHM Inquiry
MIL1812-824J FIXED IND 820UH 67MA 45 OHM SMD Inquiry
MILS1812R-474K FIXED IND 470UH 91MA 24 OHM SMD Inquiry
PTKM25-59 FIXED IND 25UH 9.8A 11 MOHM TH Inquiry
2150R-02K FIXED IND 680NH 1.96A 80 MOHM TH Inquiry
2890R-28K FIXED IND 22UH 815MA 295 MOHM TH Inquiry
2890R-30K FIXED IND 27UH 750MA 350 MOHM TH Inquiry
PT25-800-VM FIXED IND 25UH 6.6A 25 MOHM TH Inquiry
0925R-683K FIXED IND 68UH 61MA 12 OHM TH Inquiry
105R-471K FIXED IND 470NH 555MA 310 MOHM Inquiry
MIL4922-49L FIXED IND 10MH 71MA 74 OHM SMD Inquiry
MIL2510-80K FIXED IND 220UH 38MA 32 OHM SMD Inquiry
160R-154JS FIXED IND 150UH 80MA 18 OHM SMD Inquiry
4379R-684KS FIXED IND 680UH 64MA 12 OHM SMD Inquiry
MIL1812-220M FIXED IND 22NH 1.23A 100 MOHM Inquiry
PTHF150-894 FIXED IND 150UH 6.5A 35 MOHM TH Inquiry
103R-272K FIXED IND 2.7UH 290MA 1.15 OHM Inquiry
1537R-70J FIXED IND 75UH 166MA 3.7 OHM TH Inquiry
MIL8532-21L FIXED IND 47UH 1.84A 104 MOHM Inquiry
2890R-32K FIXED IND 33UH 595MA 550 MOHM TH Inquiry
2020R-20K FIXED IND 680NH 900MA 270 MOHM Inquiry
MIL8532-35L FIXED IND 680UH 490MA 1.5 OHM Inquiry
3094R-330KS FIXED IND 33NH 1A 50 MOHM SMD Inquiry
DC1390R-473K FIXED IND 47UH 11.5A 18 MOHM TH Inquiry
3094R-121KS FIXED IND 120NH 840MA 70 MOHM Inquiry
DC1050-124K FIXED IND 120UH 6.5A 46 MOHM TH Inquiry
DC1390R-104K FIXED IND 100UH 9.76A 25 MOHM TH Inquiry
MILS1812R-821K FIXED IND 820NH 614MA 530 MOHM Inquiry
MILP1812-124K FIXED IND 120UH 160MA 6 OHM SMD Inquiry
PT50-900 FIXED IND 50UH 5.6A 30 MOHM TH Inquiry
3094R-101KS FIXED IND 100NH 840MA 70 MOHM Inquiry
PTHF100-121 FIXED IND 100UH 3.24A 65 MOHM TH Inquiry
PT500-2000 FIXED IND 500UH 8A 90 MOHM TH Inquiry
3094R-180KS FIXED IND 18NH 1A 40 MOHM SMD Inquiry
M1331-272K FIXED IND 2.7UH 193MA 1.2 OHM Inquiry
0925R-224K FIXED IND 220UH 64MA 11 OHM TH Inquiry
MIL1812R-154J FIXED IND 150UH 149MA 9 OHM SMD Inquiry
2150R-14K FIXED IND 3.9UH 505MA 1.2 OHM TH Inquiry
DC1390-225K FIXED IND 2.2MH 2.2A 494 MOHM TH Inquiry
2150R-34K FIXED IND 27UH 330MA 1.3 OHM TH Inquiry
1026R-10K FIXED IND 56NH 1.7A 50 MOHM TH Inquiry
100R-391M FIXED IND 390NH 237MA 280 MOHM Inquiry
MILS1812-274K FIXED IND 270UH 135MA 11 OHM SMD Inquiry
3094R-102KS FIXED IND 1UH 380MA 340 MOHM SMD Inquiry
160R-223JS FIXED IND 22UH 150MA 5.5 OHM SMD Inquiry
MIL2510-06K FIXED IND 180NH 690MA 220 MOHM Inquiry
MIL1331-123K FIXED IND 12UH 122MA 3 OHM SMD Inquiry
PTHF100-50 FIXED IND 100UH 3.14A 55 MOHM TH Inquiry
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