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We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of API electronic component parts.\r\nBrowse the part number by API to find the electronic component parts you need.\r\nOnce you find the API electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to <a href=\"/request-quote/\">submit a request for quote (RFQ)</a>, and we will contact you quickly.\r\nIf you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to <info@ic-stocks.com>
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100R-822K FIXED IND 8.2UH 56MA 5 OHM Inquiry
100R-821M FIXED IND 820NH 155MA 650 MOHM Inquiry
100R-682K FIXED IND 6.8UH 64MA 3.8 OHM Inquiry
100R-681M FIXED IND 680NH 159MA 620 MOHM Inquiry
100R-680N FIXED IND 68NH 324MA 150 MOHM Inquiry
100R-562K FIXED IND 5.6UH 69MA 3.3 OHM Inquiry
100R-561M FIXED IND 560NH 185MA 450 MOHM Inquiry
100R-472K FIXED IND 4.7UH 71MA 3.1 OHM Inquiry
100R-471M FIXED IND 470NH 225MA 310 MOHM Inquiry
100R-470N FIXED IND 47NH 360MA 120 MOHM Inquiry
100R-392K FIXED IND 3.9UH 75MA 2.8 OHM Inquiry
100R-391M FIXED IND 390NH 237MA 280 MOHM Inquiry
100R-332K FIXED IND 3.3UH 84MA 2.2 OHM Inquiry
100R-331M FIXED IND 330NH 251MA 250 MOHM Inquiry
100R-330N FIXED IND 33NH 370MA 115 MOHM Inquiry
100R-272K FIXED IND 2.7UH 89MA 2 OHM Inquiry
100R-271M FIXED IND 270NH 256MA 240 MOHM Inquiry
100R-222K FIXED IND 2.2UH 96MA 1.7 OHM Inquiry
100R-221M FIXED IND 220NH 274MA 210 MOHM Inquiry
100R-220N FIXED IND 22NH 418MA 90 MOHM Inquiry
100R-182K FIXED IND 1.8UH 102MA 1.5 OHM Inquiry
100R-181M FIXED IND 180NH 287MA 190 MOHM Inquiry
100R-152K FIXED IND 1.5UH 114MA 1.2 OHM Inquiry
100R-151M FIXED IND 150NH 313MA 160 MOHM Inquiry
100R-150N FIXED IND 15NH 492MA 65 MOHM Inquiry
100R-122K FIXED IND 1.2UH 125MA 1 OHM Inquiry
100R-121M FIXED IND 120NH 335MA 140 MOHM Inquiry
100R-103K FIXED IND 10UH 53MA 5.6 OHM Inquiry
100R-102M FIXED IND 1UH 145MA 730 MOHM Inquiry
100R-101N FIXED IND 100NH 304MA 170 MOHM Inquiry
2020R-48J FIXED IND 10UH 280MA 2.6 OHM TH Inquiry
2020R-46J FIXED IND 8.2UH 290MA 2.4 OHM TH Inquiry
2020R-44J FIXED IND 6.8UH 300MA 2.2 OHM TH Inquiry
2020R-42J FIXED IND 5.6UH 310MA 2 OHM TH Inquiry
2020R-40J FIXED IND 4.7UH 330MA 1.8 OHM TH Inquiry
2020R-38J FIXED IND 3.9UH 360MA 1.5 OHM TH Inquiry
2020R-36J FIXED IND 3.3UH 390MA 1.3 OHM TH Inquiry
2020R-34J FIXED IND 2.7UH 420MA 1.1 OHM TH Inquiry
2020R-32J FIXED IND 2.2UH 470MA 900 MOHM Inquiry
2020R-30J FIXED IND 1.8UH 530MA 700 MOHM Inquiry
2020R-28J FIXED IND 1.5UH 630MA 500 MOHM Inquiry
2020R-26J FIXED IND 1.2UH 700MA 400 MOHM Inquiry
2020R-24J FIXED IND 1UH 750MA 350 MOHM TH Inquiry
2020R-22K FIXED IND 820NH 800MA 300 MOHM Inquiry
2020R-20K FIXED IND 680NH 900MA 270 MOHM Inquiry
2020R-18K FIXED IND 560NH 1A 220 MOHM TH Inquiry
2020R-16K FIXED IND 470NH 1.1A 170 MOHM TH Inquiry
2020R-14K FIXED IND 390NH 1.2A 140 MOHM TH Inquiry
2020R-12K FIXED IND 330NH 1.3A 110 MOHM TH Inquiry
2020R-10K FIXED IND 270NH 1.4A 100 MOHM TH Inquiry
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