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We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of API electronic component parts.\r\nBrowse the part number by API to find the electronic component parts you need.\r\nOnce you find the API electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to <a href=\"/request-quote/\">submit a request for quote (RFQ)</a>, and we will contact you quickly.\r\nIf you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to <info@ic-stocks.com>
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PT50-780 FIXED IND 50UH 3.8A 50 MOHM TH Inquiry
PT25-680 FIXED IND 25UH 4.4A 35 MOHM TH Inquiry
1537R-00M FIXED IND 150NH 2.74A 30 MOHM TH Inquiry
1537R-02M FIXED IND 220NH 2.02A 55 MOHM TH Inquiry
1537R-04M FIXED IND 330NH 1.58A 90 MOHM TH Inquiry
1537R-06M FIXED IND 470NH 1.37A 120 MOHM Inquiry
1537R-07K FIXED IND 560NH 1.29A 135 MOHM Inquiry
1537R-08K FIXED IND 680NH 1.22A 150 MOHM Inquiry
1537R-10K FIXED IND 820NH 1.02A 220 MOHM Inquiry
1537R-12K FIXED IND 1UH 880MA 290 MOHM TH Inquiry
1537R-14K FIXED IND 1.2UH 730MA 420 MOHM Inquiry
1537R-16K FIXED IND 1.5UH 670MA 500 MOHM Inquiry
1537R-18K FIXED IND 1.8UH 590MA 650 MOHM Inquiry
1537R-20K FIXED IND 2.2UH 485MA 950 MOHM Inquiry
1537R-22K FIXED IND 2.7UH 430MA 1.2 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-24K FIXED IND 3.3UH 335MA 2 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-26K FIXED IND 3.9UH 310MA 2.3 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-28K FIXED IND 4.7UH 294MA 2.6 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-30K FIXED IND 5.6UH 565MA 320 MOHM Inquiry
1537R-32K FIXED IND 6.8UH 450MA 500 MOHM Inquiry
1537R-34K FIXED IND 8.2UH 410MA 600 MOHM Inquiry
1537R-36K FIXED IND 10UH 335MA 900 MOHM TH Inquiry
1537R-38K FIXED IND 12UH 305MA 1.1 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-40K FIXED IND 15UH 271MA 1.4 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-42K FIXED IND 18UH 213MA 2.25 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-44K FIXED IND 22UH 202MA 2.5 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-46J FIXED IND 24UH 202MA 2.5 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-47K FIXED IND 27UH 198MA 2.6 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-48J FIXED IND 27UH 198MA 2.6 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-50J FIXED IND 30UH 191MA 2.8 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-51K FIXED IND 33UH 185MA 3 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-52J FIXED IND 33UH 185MA 3 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-54J FIXED IND 36UH 202MA 2.5 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-56J FIXED IND 39UH 198MA 2.6 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-58J FIXED IND 43UH 194MA 2.7 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-60J FIXED IND 47UH 193MA 2.75 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-62J FIXED IND 51UH 189MA 2.85 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-64J FIXED IND 56UH 184MA 3 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-66J FIXED IND 62UH 180MA 3.15 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-70J FIXED IND 75UH 166MA 3.7 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-72J FIXED IND 82UH 162MA 3.9 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-74J FIXED IND 91UH 154MA 4.3 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-76J FIXED IND 100UH 151MA 4.5 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-78J FIXED IND 110UH 144MA 4.9 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-80J FIXED IND 120UH 140MA 5.2 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-82J FIXED IND 130UH 137MA 5.45 OHM Inquiry
1537R-84J FIXED IND 150UH 130MA 6.05 OHM Inquiry
1537R-86J FIXED IND 160UH 126MA 6.4 OHM TH Inquiry
1537R-88J FIXED IND 180UH 123MA 6.75 OHM Inquiry
1537R-90J FIXED IND 200UH 120MA 7.1 OHM TH Inquiry
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