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We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of Abracon LLC electronic component parts.\r\nBrowse the part number by Abracon LLC to find the electronic component parts you need.\r\nOnce you find the Abracon LLC electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to submit a request for quote (RFQ), and we will contact you quickly.\r\nIf you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to 
Image Part Number Description View
AMCV-1206H-750-T Image AMCV-1206H-750-T VARISTOR 94V 250A 1206 Inquiry
AMCV-1210H-140-T Image AMCV-1210H-140-T VARISTOR 19V 400A 1210 Inquiry
AMCV-1210H-300-T Image AMCV-1210H-300-T VARISTOR 42V 300A 1210 Inquiry
AMCV-0201-090-C500N-T Image AMCV-0201-090-C500N-T VARISTOR 13.5V 5A 0201 Inquiry
AMCV-0603-180-C600N-T Image AMCV-0603-180-C600N-T VARISTOR 25V 10A 0603 Inquiry
AMCV-0603-5R5-C180N-T Image AMCV-0603-5R5-C180N-T VARISTOR 12V 3A 0603 Inquiry
AMCV-0201-5R5-C800N-T Image AMCV-0201-5R5-C800N-T VARISTOR 12V 0201 Inquiry
AMCV-0402-090-C300N-T Image AMCV-0402-090-C300N-T VARISTOR 13.5V 5A 0402 Inquiry
AMCV-0603-180-C101N-T Image AMCV-0603-180-C101N-T VARISTOR 25V 20A 0603 Inquiry
AMCV-2220H-101-T Image AMCV-2220H-101-T VARISTOR 120V 900A 2220 Inquiry
AMCV-0402-5R5-C800N-T Image AMCV-0402-5R5-C800N-T VARISTOR 12V 10A 0402 Inquiry
AMCV-0402-180-C800N-T Image AMCV-0402-180-C800N-T VARISTOR 25V 15A 0402 Inquiry
AMCV-0603-140-C300N-T Image AMCV-0603-140-C300N-T VARISTOR 19V 5A 0603 Inquiry
AMCV-0402-090-C500N-T Image AMCV-0402-090-C500N-T VARISTOR 13.5V 10A 0402 Inquiry
AMCV-1206H-140-T Image AMCV-1206H-140-T VARISTOR 19V 300A 1206 Inquiry
AMCV-0603-090-C101N-T Image AMCV-0603-090-C101N-T VARISTOR 13.5V 20A 0603 Inquiry
AMCV-0603-260-C180N-T Image AMCV-0603-260-C180N-T VARISTOR 34.5V 5A 0603 Inquiry
AMCV-0603-090-C180N-T Image AMCV-0603-090-C180N-T VARISTOR 13.5V 3A 0603 Inquiry
AMCV-1812H-101-T Image AMCV-1812H-101-T VARISTOR 120V 600A 1812 Inquiry
AMCV-2220H-220-T Image AMCV-2220H-220-T VARISTOR 30V 1.2KA 2220 Inquiry
AMCV-0805-180-C101N-T Image AMCV-0805-180-C101N-T VARISTOR 50V 20A 0805 Inquiry
AMCV-1210H-600-T Image AMCV-1210H-600-T VARISTOR 76V 300A 1210 Inquiry
AMCV-0402LC-140-C100N-T Image AMCV-0402LC-140-C100N-T VARISTOR 19V 2A 0402 Inquiry
AMCV-0603LC-180-C050Y-T Image AMCV-0603LC-180-C050Y-T VARISTOR 25V 1A 0603 Inquiry
AMCV-0402-180-C101N-T Image AMCV-0402-180-C101N-T VARISTOR 25V 20A 0402 Inquiry
AMCV-0603-140-C500N-T Image AMCV-0603-140-C500N-T VARISTOR 19V 10A 0603 Inquiry
AMCV-1206H-101-T Image AMCV-1206H-101-T VARISTOR 120V 250A 1206 Inquiry
AMCV-1812H-380-T Image AMCV-1812H-380-T VARISTOR 50V 800A 1812 Inquiry
AMCV-0603-090-C300N-T Image AMCV-0603-090-C300N-T VARISTOR 13.5V 5A 0603 Inquiry
AMCV-0402-090-C800N-T Image AMCV-0402-090-C800N-T VARISTOR 13.5V 15A 0402 Inquiry
AMCV-1210H-480-T Image AMCV-1210H-480-T VARISTOR 60V 300A 1210 Inquiry
AMCV-1206H-260-T Image AMCV-1206H-260-T VARISTOR 35V 250A 1206 Inquiry
AMCV-0402LC-140-C120N-T Image AMCV-0402LC-140-C120N-T VARISTOR 19V 2A 0402 Inquiry
AMCV-1812H-480-T Image AMCV-1812H-480-T VARISTOR 60V 600A 1812 Inquiry
AMCV-1812H-600-T Image AMCV-1812H-600-T VARISTOR 76V 600A 1812 Inquiry
AMCV-0603LC-260-C100N-T Image AMCV-0603LC-260-C100N-T VARISTOR 34.5V 2A 0603 Inquiry
AMCV-1812H-180-T Image AMCV-1812H-180-T VARISTOR 25V 800A 1812 Inquiry
AMCV-0402-260-C180N-T Image AMCV-0402-260-C180N-T VARISTOR 34.5V 5A 0402 Inquiry
AMCV-2220H-380-T Image AMCV-2220H-380-T VARISTOR 50V 1.2KA 2220 Inquiry
AMCV-0603LC-140-C120N-T Image AMCV-0603LC-140-C120N-T VARISTOR 19V 2A 0603 Inquiry
AMCV-0603-180-C180N-T Image AMCV-0603-180-C180N-T VARISTOR 25V 5A 0603 Inquiry
AMCV-1210H-180-T Image AMCV-1210H-180-T VARISTOR 25V 400A 1210 Inquiry
AMCV-0402-260-C300N-T Image AMCV-0402-260-C300N-T VARISTOR 34.5V 10A 0402 Inquiry
AMCV-1206H-300-T Image AMCV-1206H-300-T VARISTOR 42V 250A 1206 Inquiry
AMCV-0201-5R5-C220N-T Image AMCV-0201-5R5-C220N-T VARISTOR 12V 1A 0201 Inquiry
AMCV-0603LC-180-C100N-T Image AMCV-0603LC-180-C100N-T VARISTOR 25V 2A 0603 Inquiry
AMCV-0603-180-C300N-T Image AMCV-0603-180-C300N-T VARISTOR 25V 10A 0603 Inquiry
AMCV-0603-260-C300N-T Image AMCV-0603-260-C300N-T VARISTOR 34.5V 10A 0603 Inquiry
AMCV-2220H-120-T Image AMCV-2220H-120-T VARISTOR 16V 1.2KA 2220 Inquiry
AMCV-0402LC-260-C100N-T Image AMCV-0402LC-260-C100N-T VARISTOR 34.5V 2A 0402 Inquiry
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