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Amphenol FCI

We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of Amphenol FCI electronic component parts.\r\nBrowse the part number by Amphenol FCI to find the electronic component parts you need.\r\nOnce you find the Amphenol FCI electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to submit a request for quote (RFQ), and we will contact you quickly.\r\nIf you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to 
Image Part Number Description View
20021321-00006C4LF Image 20021321-00006C4LF CONN RECEPT 6POS DUAL SMD Inquiry
91601-306ALF CONN RCPT 6POS .100 SGL STR SMD Inquiry
91614-409LF CONN RCPT 9POS .100 SGL STR SMD Inquiry
87024-605LF Image 87024-605LF CONN RCPT 10POS .050 VERT SMD Inquiry
63453-118LF Image 63453-118LF CONN RECEPT 18POS 2MM STR DL PCB Inquiry
55510-318LF CONN RCPT 18POS SMD GOLD Inquiry
68683-305LF Image 68683-305LF CONN RCPT 10POS .100"" DBL GOLD Inquiry
76342-302LF CONN RCPT 4POS .100 DBL STR PCB Inquiry
55510-314TRLF CONN RCPT 14POS SMD GOLD Inquiry
91618-306LF CONN RCPT 12POS .100 DBL STR PCB Inquiry
95234-304LF CONN RCPT Inquiry
76341-304LF CONN RCPT 4POS .100 SGL STR PCB Inquiry
66925-005 CONN RCPT 10POS T/H R/A GOLD Inquiry
91614-408ALF CONN RCPT 8POS .100 SGL STR SMD Inquiry
71991-315LF Image 71991-315LF CONN RCPT 30POS .100 DL STR PCB Inquiry
68685-404LF CONN RCPT 4POS .100"" SNG ROW Inquiry
68683-302LF CONN RCPT 4POS .100"" DBL GOLD Inquiry
91812-114TRLF CONN RCPT 14POS SMD GOLD Inquiry
55510-024TRLF CONN RCPT 24POS SMD GOLD Inquiry
20021311-00016T1LF CONN RCPT 16POS T/H GOLD Inquiry
20021323-10010C1LF CONN RCPT 10POS SMD B/E GOLD Inquiry
71920-412LF CONN RCPT 12POS .100 SGL STR PCB Inquiry
55510-118LF Image 55510-118LF CONN RECEPT 18POS 2MM STR DL SMD Inquiry
91596-014LF CONN RCPT 14POS SMD B/E GOLD Inquiry
87471-605TRLF CONN RECPT 10POS .050"" SMT DUAL Inquiry
20021321-00020T1LF CONN RCPT 20POS SMD GOLD Inquiry
20021323-00026D1LF CONN RCPT 26POS SMD B/E GOLD Inquiry
91596-114LF Image 91596-114LF CONN RECEPT 14POS 2MM STR DL SMD Inquiry
71607-409LF CONN RCPT 9POS SMD R/A 2.54MM Inquiry
20021321-00032D1LF CONN RCPT 32POS SMD GOLD Inquiry
71609-305LF CONN RCPT 10POS .100 DBL R/A SMD Inquiry
71607-303ALF CONN RCPT 3POS SMD R/A 2.54MM Inquiry
75915-304LF CONN RCPT 4POS .100"" SGL PCB Inquiry
20021321-20006C4LF CONN RCPT 6POS SMD GOLD Inquiry
68046-306PLF CONN RCPT 12POS SMD GOLD Inquiry
55510-010TRLF CONN RCPT 10POS SMD GOLD Inquiry
89898-304KLF CONN RCPT 8POS .100 DL STR SMD Inquiry
91596-306LF CONN RCPT 6POS SMD B/E GOLD Inquiry
63453-022LF CONN RCPT 22POS T/H GOLD Inquiry
71920-414LF CONN RCPT 14POS .100 SGL STR PCB Inquiry
89898-308ALF Image 89898-308ALF CONN RCPT 16POS .100 DL STR SMD Inquiry
68046-305 CONN RCPT Inquiry
20021323-00016C1LF CONN RCPT 16POS SMD B/E GOLD Inquiry
91614-308LF CONN RCPT 8POS .100 SGL STR SMD Inquiry
91601-305ALF CONN RCPT 5POS .100 SGL STR SMD Inquiry
20021321-00006D8LF CONN RCPT 6POS SMD GOLD Inquiry
20021323-00006C1LF CONN RCPT 6POS SMD B/E GOLD Inquiry
91596-312LF CONN RCPT 12POS SMD B/E GOLD Inquiry
71920-308LF CONN RCPT 8POS .100 SGL STR PCB Inquiry
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