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Ampleon USA Inc.

We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of Ampleon USA Inc. electronic component parts.\r\nBrowse the part number by Ampleon USA Inc. to find the electronic component parts you need.\r\nOnce you find the Ampleon USA Inc. electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to <a href=\"/request-quote/\">submit a request for quote (RFQ)</a>, and we will contact you quickly.\r\nIf you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to <info@ic-stocks.com>
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MZ0912B50Y,114 Image MZ0912B50Y,114 TRANSISTOR POWER NPN SOT443A Inquiry
BLS2731-50,114 Image BLS2731-50,114 TRANSISTOR RF POWER SOT422A Inquiry
MX0912B351Y,114 Image MX0912B351Y,114 TRANSISTOR POWER NPN SOT439A Inquiry
MX0912B251Y,114 Image MX0912B251Y,114 TRANSISTOR POWER NPN SOT439A Inquiry
MZ0912B100Y,114 Image MZ0912B100Y,114 TRANSISTOR POWER NPN SOT443A Inquiry
BLS2731-110,114 Image BLS2731-110,114 TRANSISTOR RF POWER SOT423A Inquiry
BLS2731-20,114 Image BLS2731-20,114 TRANSISTOR RF POWER SOT445C Inquiry
RX1214B300Y,114 Image RX1214B300Y,114 TRANSISTOR RF LBAND SOT439A Inquiry
BLW96/01,112 Image BLW96/01,112 TRANSISTOR HF/VHF NPN SOT121B Inquiry
PZ1418B30U,114 Image PZ1418B30U,114 TRANS SOT443A Inquiry
LZ1418E100R,114 Image LZ1418E100R,114 TRANSISTOR NPN POWER SOT443A Inquiry
BLP10H610AZ Image BLP10H610AZ RF FET LDMOS 104V 22DB 12VDFN Inquiry
BLF6G21-10G,135 Image BLF6G21-10G,135 RF FET LDMOS 65V 18.5DB SOT538A Inquiry
BLF6G21-10G,112 Image BLF6G21-10G,112 RF FET LDMOS 65V 18.5DB SOT538A Inquiry
BLM8G0710S-30PBY Image BLM8G0710S-30PBY RF FET LDMOS 65V 35DB SOT12112 Inquiry
BLF571,112 Image BLF571,112 RF FET LDMOS 110V 27.5DB SOT467C Inquiry
CLF1G0060-10U Image CLF1G0060-10U RF FET HEMT 150V 14.5DB SOT1227A Inquiry
BLF884P,112 Image BLF884P,112 RF FET LDMOS 104V 21DB SOT1121A Inquiry
BLF184XRU Image BLF184XRU RF FET LDMOS 135V 23DB SOT1214A Inquiry
BLF645,112 Image BLF645,112 RF FET LDMOS 65V 16DB SOT540A Inquiry
BLL6H0514-25,112 Image BLL6H0514-25,112 RF FET LDMOS 100V 21DB SOT467C Inquiry
BLF574XR,112 Image BLF574XR,112 RF FET LDMOS 110V 23DB SOT1214A Inquiry
CLF1G0060-30U Image CLF1G0060-30U RF FET HEMT 150V 13DB SOT1227A Inquiry
CLF1G0035-50,112 Image CLF1G0035-50,112 RF FET HEMT 150V 11.5DB SOT467C Inquiry
BLF574,112 Image BLF574,112 RF FET LDMOS 110V 26.5DB SOT539A Inquiry
BLF188XRU Image BLF188XRU RF FET LDMOS 135V 24.4DB SOT539A Inquiry
BLF888A,112 Image BLF888A,112 RF FET LDMOS 110V 21DB SOT539A Inquiry
BLF178XR,112 Image BLF178XR,112 RF FET LDMOS 110V 28DB SOT539A Inquiry
BLF647P,112 Image BLF647P,112 RF FET LDMOS 65V 18DB SOT1121A Inquiry
BLF578,112 Image BLF578,112 RF FET LDMOS 110V 24DB SOT539A Inquiry
BLF578XR,112 Image BLF578XR,112 RF FET LDMOS 110V 23.5DB SOT539A Inquiry
BLA6H0912L-1000U Image BLA6H0912L-1000U RF FET LDMOS 100V 15.5DB SOT539A Inquiry
BLP27M810Z Image BLP27M810Z RF FET LDMOS 65V 17DB 16VDFN Inquiry
BLF6G27-10G,118 Image BLF6G27-10G,118 RF FET LDMOS 65V 19DB SOT975C Inquiry
BLF6G27-10G,112 Image BLF6G27-10G,112 RF FET LDMOS 65V 19DB SOT975C Inquiry
BLF6G38LS-50,118 Image BLF6G38LS-50,118 RF FET LDMOS 65V 14DB SOT502B Inquiry
BLF6G38LS-50,112 Image BLF6G38LS-50,112 RF FET LDMOS 65V 14DB SOT502B Inquiry
BLF7G10LS-250,118 Image BLF7G10LS-250,118 RF FET LDMOS 65V 19.5DB SOT502B Inquiry
BLF183XRU Image BLF183XRU RF FET LDMOS 135V 28DB SOT1121A Inquiry
BLC9G20LS-361AVTY Image BLC9G20LS-361AVTY RF FET LDMOS 65V 15.7DB SOT12583 Inquiry
BLF8G09LS-400PWJ Image BLF8G09LS-400PWJ RF FET LDMOS 65V 20.6DB SOT1242B Inquiry
BLC8G20LS-400AVY Image BLC8G20LS-400AVY RF FET LDMOS 65V 15.5DB SOT12583 Inquiry
BLL8H0514L-130U Image BLL8H0514L-130U RF FET LDMOS 100V 17DB SOT1135A Inquiry
BLF178P,112 Image BLF178P,112 RF FET LDMOS 110V 28.5DB SOT539A Inquiry
BLF888B,112 Image BLF888B,112 RF FET LDMOS 104V 21DB SOT539A Inquiry
BLF888DU Image BLF888DU RF FET LDMOS 104V 21DB SOT539A Inquiry
BLS6G2731-120,112 Image BLS6G2731-120,112 RF FET LDMOS 60V 13.5DB SOT502A Inquiry
BLL8H1214L-500U Image BLL8H1214L-500U RF FET LDMOS 100V 17DB SOT539A Inquiry
BLF7G20LS-200,118 Image BLF7G20LS-200,118 RF FET LDMOS 65V 18DB SOT502B Inquiry
BLF881,112 Image BLF881,112 RF FET LDMOS 104V 21DB SOT467C Inquiry
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