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Delta Electronics

We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of Delta Electronics electronic component parts.\r\nBrowse the part number by Delta Electronics to find the electronic component parts you need.\r\nOnce you find the Delta Electronics electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to <a href=\"/request-quote/\">submit a request for quote (RFQ)</a>, and we will contact you quickly.\r\nIf you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to <info@ic-stocks.com>
Image Part Number Description View
PH02D2412A Image PH02D2412A DCDC CONVERTER +/-12VOUT 2W Inquiry
DJ06S2424A Image DJ06S2424A DCDC CONVERTER 24VOUT 6W Inquiry
DH06S2412A Image DH06S2412A DCDC CONVERTER 12VOUT 6W Inquiry
DH06S4805A Image DH06S4805A DCDC CONVERTER 5VOUT 6W Inquiry
DH06S1205A Image DH06S1205A DCDC CONVERTER 5VOUT 6W Inquiry
DH06S1224A Image DH06S1224A DCDC CONVERTER 24VOUT 6W Inquiry
DJ06S4805A Image DJ06S4805A DCDC CONVERTER 5VOUT 6W Inquiry
DJ06S2412A Image DJ06S2412A DCDC CONVERTER 12VOUT 6W Inquiry
DG06D2415A Image DG06D2415A DCDC CONVERTER +/-15VOUT 6W Inquiry
D12F200A Image D12F200A MODULE POWER DC/DC POL 40A Inquiry
V36SE12004NRFA Image V36SE12004NRFA MODULE DC/DC 1/16 BRICK 12V 4A Inquiry
V36SE05010NRFA Image V36SE05010NRFA MODULE DC/DC 16TH BRICK 5V 10A Inquiry
S36SE12001NRFB Image S36SE12001NRFB MODULE DC/DC 1X1 12V 1A Inquiry
S36SE3R305NRFB Image S36SE3R305NRFB MODULE DC/DC 1X1 BRICK 3.3V 5A Inquiry
S24SE05002NDFA Image S24SE05002NDFA DC/DC CONVERTER 10W 5V 2A Inquiry
S24SE05002PDFA Image S24SE05002PDFA DC/DC CONVERTER 5V 2A 10W 6DIP Inquiry
S24SE12001NDFA Image S24SE12001NDFA DC/DC CONVERTER 15W 12V 1.25A Inquiry
S24SE05003PDFA Image S24SE05003PDFA DC/DC CONVERTER 5V 3A 15W 6DIP Inquiry
S24SE05003NDFA Image S24SE05003NDFA DC/DC CONVERTER 15W 5V 3A Inquiry
D12S300-1 C Image D12S300-1 C MODULE POWER DC/DC POL 60A Inquiry
S24SE12002PDFA Image S24SE12002PDFA DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 1.67A 6DIP Inquiry
S24SE05004PDFA Image S24SE05004PDFA DC/DC CONVERTER 5V 4A 20W 6DIP Inquiry
S24SE15001PDFA Image S24SE15001PDFA DC/DC CONVERTER 15V 1.33A 6DIP Inquiry
S24SE12002NDFA Image S24SE12002NDFA DC/DC CONVERTER 20W 12V 1.67A Inquiry
E36SC05025NRFA Image E36SC05025NRFA DC/DC CONVERTER 5V 125W Inquiry
S24SE12003PDFA Image S24SE12003PDFA DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 2.5A 6DIP Inquiry
S24SE05006PDFA Image S24SE05006PDFA DC/DC CONVERTER 5V 6A 30W 6DIP Inquiry
S24DE15001PDFA Image S24DE15001PDFA DC/DC CONVERTER +/-15V 1A 6DIP Inquiry
S24DE15001NDFA Image S24DE15001NDFA DC/DC CONVERTER 30W +/-15V 1A Inquiry
E48SH12010NRFA Image E48SH12010NRFA MODULE DC/DC 8TH BRICK 12V 10A Inquiry
V48SR3R320NRFA Image V48SR3R320NRFA MODULE DC/DC 16TH BRICK 3.3V 20A Inquiry
E48SP12020NRFA Image E48SP12020NRFA MODULE DC/DC 8TH BRICK 12V 20A Inquiry
Q48SQ12033NRFH Image Q48SQ12033NRFH DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 400W Inquiry
PM05S050A Image PM05S050A DC/DC CONVERTER 5V 3W Inquiry
DCT12S0A0S03NFA Image DCT12S0A0S03NFA DC/DC CONVERTER 0.59-5.5V 3A 17W Inquiry
PI01S0505A Image PI01S0505A DCDC CONVERTER 5VOUT 1W Inquiry
PG02S4805A Image PG02S4805A DCDC CONVERTER 5VOUT 2W Inquiry
PG02S1212A Image PG02S1212A DCDC CONVERTER 12VOUT 2W Inquiry
PH02S4812A Image PH02S4812A DCDC CONVERTER 12VOUT 2W Inquiry
PH02S2403A Image PH02S2403A DCDC CONVERTER 3.3VOUT 2W Inquiry
DD03S2405A Image DD03S2405A DC/DC CONVERTER 5V 600MA 3W Inquiry
DD03D2415A Image DD03D2415A DC/DC CONVERTER +/-15V 100MA 3W Inquiry
SD02D1215A Image SD02D1215A DCDC CONVERTER +/-15VOUT 2W Inquiry
DE03S1205A Image DE03S1205A DCDC CONVERTER 5VOUT 3W Inquiry
DH06S2405A Image DH06S2405A DCDC CONVERTER 5VOUT 6W Inquiry
DJ06S2405A Image DJ06S2405A DCDC CONVERTER 5VOUT 6W Inquiry
DJ06S4824A Image DJ06S4824A DCDC CONVERTER 24VOUT 6W Inquiry
DH06D2412A Image DH06D2412A DCDC CONVERTER +/-12VOUT 6W Inquiry
DH06D2415A Image DH06D2415A DCDC CONVERTER +/-15VOUT 6W Inquiry
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