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We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of M/A-Com Technology Solutions electronic component parts.\r\nBrowse the part number by M/A-Com Technology Solutions to find the electronic component parts you need.\r\nOnce you find the M/A-Com Technology Solutions electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to <a href=\"/request-quote/\">submit a request for quote (RFQ)</a>, and we will contact you quickly.\r\nIf you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to <info@ic-stocks.com>
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9010RK CAP SILICON 10PF 10% 50V SMD Inquiry
906R0M-14-2 CAP SILICON 6PF 20% 50V SMD Inquiry
90100RK CAP SILICON 100PF 10% 50V SMD Inquiry
9112RK CAP SILICON 12PF 10% 100V SMD Inquiry
919R9K CAP SILICON 9.9PF 10% 100V SMD Inquiry
9115R0K-BOO CAP SILICON 15PF 100V SMD Inquiry
9123RK CAP SILICON 23PF 10% 100V SMD Inquiry
9047RK CAP SILICON 47PF 10% 50V SMD Inquiry
9122RK CAP SILICON 22PF 10% 100V SMD Inquiry
905R0K CAP SILICON 5PF 10% 50V SMD Inquiry
MAPG-002729-350L00 TRANSISTOR RF 350W GAN Inquiry
MAMG-002735-085L0L TRANSISTOR RF 85W GAN Inquiry
MAGX-002731-180L0S TRANSISTOR RF 180W GAN Inquiry
MAGX-001090-700L0S TRANSISTOR RF 700W GAN Inquiry
MAGX-001090-700L00 TRANSISTOR RF 700W GAN Inquiry
MAGX-001090-600L0S TRANSISTOR RF 600W GAN Inquiry
MAGX-000912-650L0S TRANSISTOR RF 650W GAN Inquiry
MAGX-000245-025000 TRANSISTOR RF 25W GAN Inquiry
MAGX-000245-014000 TRANSISTOR RF 14W GAN Inquiry
MAGX-000035-01000P TRANSISTOR RF 10W GAN Inquiry
MAGX-000025-150000 TRANSISTOR RF 150W GAN Inquiry
XF1001-SC-0G00 Image XF1001-SC-0G00 TRANS HFET 1W SOT89 Inquiry
XF1001-SC-0G0T Image XF1001-SC-0G0T TRANS HFET 1W SOT89 Inquiry
MAGX-000912-500L0S Image MAGX-000912-500L0S TRANSISTOR GAN 960-1215MHZ 500W Inquiry
MAGX-000035-045000 Image MAGX-000035-045000 TRANSISTOR GAN 3.5GHZ 45W Inquiry
MAGX-000035-01500S Image MAGX-000035-01500S TRANSISTOR GAN 3.5GHZ 15W Inquiry
MAGX-000035-015000 Image MAGX-000035-015000 TRANSISTOR GAN 3.5GHZ 15W Inquiry
MAGX-001214-650L00 Image MAGX-001214-650L00 TRANSISTOR GAN 650W 1.2-1.4GHZ Inquiry
MAGX-0110087 HEMT N-CH 600W 1030-1090MHZ Inquiry
MAGX-003135-120L00 Image MAGX-003135-120L00 FET RF 65V 3.5GHZ Inquiry
MAGX-002731-180L00 Image MAGX-002731-180L00 FETS RF GAN HEMT 180W 2.7-3.1GHZ Inquiry
MAGX-002731-100L00 Image MAGX-002731-100L00 TRANSISTOR GAN 100W 2.7-3.1GHZ Inquiry
MAGX-002731-030L00 Image MAGX-002731-030L00 TRANSISTOR GAN 30WPK 2.7-3.1GHZ Inquiry
MAGX-001220-100L00 Image MAGX-001220-100L00 TRANSISTOR GAN 100W 1.2-2.0GHZ Inquiry
MAGX-001214-500L0S Image MAGX-001214-500L0S TRANSISTOR GAN 500W 1.2-1.4GHZ Inquiry
MAGX-001214-500L00 Image MAGX-001214-500L00 TRANSISTOR GAN 500W 1.2-1.4GHZ Inquiry
MAGX-001214-250L00 Image MAGX-001214-250L00 TRANSISTOR GAN 250W 1.2-1.4GHZ Inquiry
MAGX-001214-125L00 Image MAGX-001214-125L00 TRANSISTOR GAN 125W 1.2-1.4GHZ Inquiry
MAGX-001090-600L00 Image MAGX-001090-600L00 TRANSISTOR GAN 600W Inquiry
MAGX-000912-500L00 Image MAGX-000912-500L00 FETS RF GAN 500W 960-1215MHZ Inquiry
MAGX-000912-250L00 Image MAGX-000912-250L00 TRANSISTOR GAN 250W 960-1215MHZ Inquiry
MAGX-000912-125L00 Image MAGX-000912-125L00 TRANSISTOR GAN 125W 960-1215MHZ Inquiry
MAGX-000040-00500P Image MAGX-000040-00500P FET RF 65V 4GHZ SOT-89 Inquiry
MAGX-000035-09000P Image MAGX-000035-09000P FET RF 65V 3.5GHZ 14DFN Inquiry
MAGX-000035-05000P Image MAGX-000035-05000P FET RF 65V 1MHZ 14DFN Inquiry
MAGX-000035-030000 Image MAGX-000035-030000 TRANSISTOR GAN 30WCW 0.03-3.5GHZ Inquiry
MAGX-000035-01500P Image MAGX-000035-01500P FET RF 65V 3.5GHZ 14DFN Inquiry
MAGX-000035-01000S Image MAGX-000035-01000S TRANSISTOR GAN 10WCW 0.03-3.5GHZ Inquiry
MAGX-000035-010000 Image MAGX-000035-010000 TRANSISTOR GAN 10WCW 0.03-3.5GHZ Inquiry
NPT1007B Image NPT1007B TRANSISTOR GAN DC-1200MHZ 200W Inquiry
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