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Molex, LLC

We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of Molex, LLC electronic component parts.\r\nBrowse the part number by Molex, LLC to find the electronic component parts you need.\r\nOnce you find the Molex, LLC electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to submit a request for quote (RFQ), and we will contact you quickly.\r\nIf you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to 
Image Part Number Description View
38001342 Image 38001342 KK 100 PCB ASSY RTAN 12POS TIN Inquiry
22022125 Image 22022125 CONN RECEPT 12POS .100 VERT PCB Inquiry
22027103 KK 100 PCB ASSY TOP 10POS TIN Inquiry
873811673 2MM MGRID REC TOP/E W/OCVR Inquiry
22152196 KK 100 PCB ASSY RTAN 19POS TIN Inquiry
5025840760 CONN RCPT 7CKT VERT BEIGE Inquiry
22172137 KK 100 PCB ASSY BTM 13POS GOLD Inquiry
38001428 Image 38001428 KK 100 PCB ASSY TOP 8POS TIN Inquiry
9482045 CONN RCPT TOP 4POS TIN PCB Inquiry
9482058 CONN RCPT TOP 5POS TIN PCB Inquiry
873811263 2MM MGRID REC TOP/E /CVR Inquiry
524181910 CONN RECEPT 19POS 2MM T/H R/A Inquiry
872630825 MGRID B/E REC SMT W/PG .76AULF Inquiry
5023821570 Image 5023821570 CONN RCPT 15POS 1.25MM W/B VERT Inquiry
9483105 Image 9483105 CONN RECEPT 10POS .156 R/A PCB Inquiry
10021082 CONN PCB RCPT 5.08MM 8POS Inquiry
873814018 2MM MGRID REC TOP/E W/PGS Inquiry
872630893 MGRID B/E REC W/CAP .38AULF Inquiry
901471206 C-GRID PCB CONN SR VT GOLD 6POS Inquiry
22173172 KK 100 PCB ASSY BTM 17POS GOLD Inquiry
872630403 MGRID B/E REC W/CAP/PG .38AULF Inquiry
901481103 Image 901481103 CONN SR R/A TN-A 3POS .100"" Inquiry
9523042 Image 9523042 CONN RECEPT 4POS .156 VERT PCB Inquiry
5025850470 Image 5025850470 CONN RCPT R/A SGL 4POS BEIGE Inquiry
901483101 CONN SR R/A SN-A 3POS .100"" Inquiry
5054051170 1.5 WB SINGLE REC Inquiry
873680824 MGRID REC S/E SMT D.R. .38AULF Inquiry
5023821272 Image 5023821272 CONN 1.25 W/B ST RCPT 12CKT Inquiry
22142122 KK 100 PCB ASSY BTM 12POS TIN Inquiry
9482100 CONN RCPT R/A 10POS TIN PCB Inquiry
447641001 Image 447641001 CONN HEADER 10POS 3MM R/A TIN Inquiry
872631425 MGRID B/E REC SMT W/PG .76AULF Inquiry
15445820 Image 15445820 RCPT VERT GOLD 20CKT T/H Inquiry
9482043 CONN RCPT TOP 4POS TIN PCB Inquiry
448120040 KK 100 PCB CONN ASSY LO PRO Inquiry
5024941370 CONN R/A RCPT 13CKT Inquiry
22142154 KK 100 PCB ASSY BTM 15POS TIN Inquiry
5025841470 CONN RCPT 14CKT VERT BEIGE Inquiry
38001432 KK 100 PCB ASSY TOP 12POS TIN Inquiry
10845121 Image 10845121 084 DIA ASSY HDR HSG SKT 94V0 SN Inquiry
5025850270 Image 5025850270 CONN SGL R/A RCPT 2CKT Inquiry
9482078 CONN RCPT TOP 7POS TIN PCB Inquiry
22262101 KK 100 PCB ASSY RTAN 10POS TIN Inquiry
787873054 2MM DR MGRID VRCPT TH W/O CAP/PG Inquiry
22653080 KK 100 PCB ASSY TOP 8POS TIN Inquiry
367570143 Image 367570143 MLX 4CKT ASSY WITH SOCKET TERM G Inquiry
873812415 MGRID REC TOP/E W/PG/CVR .76AULF Inquiry
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