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NessCap Co Ltd

We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of NessCap Co Ltd electronic component parts.\r\nBrowse the part number by NessCap Co Ltd to find the electronic component parts you need.\r\nOnce you find the NessCap Co Ltd electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to submit a request for quote (RFQ), and we will contact you quickly.\r\nIf you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to 
Image Part Number Description View
ESHSR-0003C0-002R7 Image ESHSR-0003C0-002R7 CAP 3F -10% +20% 2.7V T/H Inquiry
ESHSR-0010C0-002R7 Image ESHSR-0010C0-002R7 CAP 10F -10% +20% 2.7V T/H Inquiry
ESHSP-1700C0-002R7 Image ESHSP-1700C0-002R7 CAP 1700F 0% +20% 2.7V CHAS MNT Inquiry
ESHSP-0600C0-002R7 Image ESHSP-0600C0-002R7 CAP 600F 0% +20% 2.7V CHAS MNT Inquiry
PSHLR-0030C0-002R3 CAP 30F -10% +20% 2.3V T/H Inquiry
ESHSP-3500C0-002R7 Image ESHSP-3500C0-002R7 CAP 3500F 0% +20% 2.7V CHAS MNT Inquiry
PSHLR-0120C0-002R3 CAP 120F -10% +20% 2.3V T/H Inquiry
PSHLR-0050C0-002R3 CAP 50F -10% +20% 2.3V T/H Inquiry
PSHLR-0220C0-002R3 Image PSHLR-0220C0-002R3 CAP 220F -10% +20% 2.3V T/H Inquiry
ESHSR-0025C0-002R7 Image ESHSR-0025C0-002R7 CAP 25F -10% +20% 2.7V T/H Inquiry
ESHSR-0100C0-002R7 Image ESHSR-0100C0-002R7 CAP 100F -10% +20% 2.7V T/H Inquiry
ESHSP-5000C0-002R7 Image ESHSP-5000C0-002R7 CAP 5000F 0% +20% 2.7V CHAS MNT Inquiry
ESHSR-0050C0-002R7 Image ESHSR-0050C0-002R7 CAP 50F -10% +20% 2.7V T/H Inquiry
PSHLR-0020C0-002R3 Image PSHLR-0020C0-002R3 CAP 20F -10% +20% 2.3V T/H Inquiry
ESHSR-0400C0-002R7 Image ESHSR-0400C0-002R7 CAP 400F 10% 2.7V THROUGH HOLE Inquiry
EMHSR-0001C5-005R0 Image EMHSR-0001C5-005R0 CAP 1.5F -10% +20% 5V T/H Inquiry
ESHSR-0360C0-002R7A Image ESHSR-0360C0-002R7A CAP 360F 0% +20% 2.7V T/H Inquiry
ESHSR-0005C0-002R7 Image ESHSR-0005C0-002R7 CAP 5F -10% +20% 2.7V T/H Inquiry
EMHSR-0002C5-005R0 Image EMHSR-0002C5-005R0 CAP 2.5F -10% +20% 5V T/H Inquiry
ESHSR-0650C0-002R7A5 Image ESHSR-0650C0-002R7A5 CAP 650F 0% +20% 2.7V AXIAL CAN Inquiry
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