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Recom Power

We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of Recom Power electronic component parts.\r\nBrowse the part number by Recom Power to find the electronic component parts you need.\r\nOnce you find the Recom Power electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to submit a request for quote (RFQ), and we will contact you quickly.\r\nIf you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to 
Image Part Number Description View
RW-0505S Image RW-0505S CONV DC/DC 3W 4.5-9VIN 05VOUT Inquiry
REC10-2415SRWZ/H2/A/M/SMD-R Image REC10-2415SRWZ/H2/A/M/SMD-R CONV DC/DC 10W 24VIN 15VOUT Inquiry
RS-0505D/H3 Image RS-0505D/H3 CONV DC/DC 2W 4.5-9VIN +/-05V Inquiry
REC5-4815DRW/H/B/SMD-R Image REC5-4815DRW/H/B/SMD-R CONV DC/DC 5W 36-72VIN +/-15VOUT Inquiry
REC5-1212DRW/H4/C Image REC5-1212DRW/H4/C CONV DC/DC 5W 9-18VIN +/-12VOUT Inquiry
REC3-2415SR/H1/SMD Image REC3-2415SR/H1/SMD CONV DC/DC 3W 24VIN 15VOUT Inquiry
REC5-2412DRWZ/H2/A/SMD/CTRL Image REC5-2412DRWZ/H2/A/SMD/CTRL CONV DC/DC 5W 9-36VIN +/-12VOUT Inquiry
RP08-1212SA Image RP08-1212SA CONV DC/DC 8W 9-18VIN 12VOUT Inquiry
RO-2405S Image RO-2405S CONV DC/DC 1W SGL 5V OUT SIP4 Inquiry
R0.25D12-3.309/H Image R0.25D12-3.309/H CONV DC/DC 0.25W 3.3VIN +/-9VOUT Inquiry
REC3.5-1209DRW/R8/A/CTRL Image REC3.5-1209DRW/R8/A/CTRL CONV DC/DC 3.5W 9-18VIN +/-09VOU Inquiry
RH-153.3D/H6 Image RH-153.3D/H6 CONV DC/DC 1W 15VIN +/-3.3VOUT Inquiry
RV-0512S/R8 Image RV-0512S/R8 CONV DC/DC 2W 05VIN 12VOUT Inquiry
R2S-1209/P-R Image R2S-1209/P-R CONV DC/DC 2W 12VIN 09VOUT Inquiry
RKZ-1205D/HP Image RKZ-1205D/HP CONV DC/DC 2W 12VIN +/-05VOUT Inquiry
R24P205D/R8 Image R24P205D/R8 CONV DC/DC 2W 24VIN +/-05VOUT Inquiry
RN-0905S/H Image RN-0905S/H CONV DC/DC 1.25W 09VIN 05VOUT Inquiry
RSD-1509-R Image RSD-1509-R CONV DC/DC 1W 15VIN +/-09VOUT Inquiry
REC3-2412DRW/H6/C/SMD Image REC3-2412DRW/H6/C/SMD CONV DC/DC 3W 18-36VIN +/-12VOUT Inquiry
REC3.5-4805SRW/R10/A/X1 Image REC3.5-4805SRW/R10/A/X1 CONV DC/DC 3.5W 36-75VIN 05VOUT Inquiry
REC3-0505SRW/H6/A/SMD/CTRL Image REC3-0505SRW/H6/A/SMD/CTRL CONV DC/DC 3W 4.5-9VIN 05VOUT Inquiry
RTD-0515-R Image RTD-0515-R CONV DC/DC 2W 05VIN +/-15VOUT Inquiry
R12P205S/X2/R6.4 Image R12P205S/X2/R6.4 CONV DC/DC 2W 12VIN 05VOUT Inquiry
REC7.5-1205DRW/H2/A/M/SMD-R Image REC7.5-1205DRW/H2/A/M/SMD-R CONV DC/DC 7.5W 9-18VIN +/-05VOU Inquiry
REC5-0509SRW/H/B/SMD-R Image REC5-0509SRW/H/B/SMD-R CONV DC/DC 5W 4.5-9VIN 09VOUT Inquiry
REC5-0515SRW/H6/A/SMD/CTRL-R Image REC5-0515SRW/H6/A/SMD/CTRL-R CONV DC/DC 5W 4.5-9VIN 15VOUT Inquiry
RKZ-122005D/H Image RKZ-122005D/H CONV DC/DC 2W 12VIN +20/-5VOUT T Inquiry
RSS-153.3/H Image RSS-153.3/H CONV DC/DC 1W 15VIN 3.3VOUT Inquiry
REC5-2409SRWZ/H2/A/SMD-R Image REC5-2409SRWZ/H2/A/SMD-R CONV DC/DC 5W 9-36VIN 09VOUT Inquiry
RW2-0515S/H2/SMD Image RW2-0515S/H2/SMD CONV DC/DC 2W 4.5-9VIN 15VOUT Inquiry
RV-0512D Image RV-0512D CONV DC/DC 2W 05VIN +/-12VOUT Inquiry
RP40-2412DFR/N Image RP40-2412DFR/N CONV DC/DC 40W 9-36VIN +/-12VOUT Inquiry
RP240H-2415SRW/N Image RP240H-2415SRW/N CONV DC/DC 180W 9-36VIN 15VOUT T Inquiry
R0.5S12-2405/H Image R0.5S12-2405/H 0.5W DC/DC-CONVERTER ECONOLINE Inquiry
REC5-4805DRW/H6/C/SMD-R Image REC5-4805DRW/H6/C/SMD-R CONV DC/DC 5W 36-72VIN +/-05VOUT Inquiry
R09P05D/P Image R09P05D/P CONV DC/DC 1W 09VIN +/-05VOUT Inquiry
REC3-0512SRW/H2/A/CTRL Image REC3-0512SRW/H2/A/CTRL CONV DC/DC 3W 4.5-9VIN 12VOUT Inquiry
R2D10-2409 Image R2D10-2409 CONV DC/DC 2W +/-9VOUT SMD Inquiry
RP15-4815SAW/N-HC Image RP15-4815SAW/N-HC CONV DC/DC 15W 18-75VIN 15VOUT Inquiry
REC5-0512SRW/H/B/M/SMD-R Image REC5-0512SRW/H/B/M/SMD-R CONV DC/DC 5W 4.5-9VIN 12VOUT Inquiry
REC5-4809SRWZ/H4/C/SMD-R Image REC5-4809SRWZ/H4/C/SMD-R CONV DC/DC 5W 18-72VIN 09VOUT Inquiry
REM3-2415DW/A Image REM3-2415DW/A CONV DC/DC 3W 9-36VIN +/-15VOUT Inquiry
RH-241509D/HP Image RH-241509D/HP DC/DC CONVERTER 15V -9V 1W Inquiry
REC3-4809SRWZ/H2/A/SMD-R Image REC3-4809SRWZ/H2/A/SMD-R CONV DC/DC 3W 18-72VIN 09VOUT Inquiry
REC3-2415SRW/H6/C Image REC3-2415SRW/H6/C CONV DC/DC 3W 18-36VIN 15VOUT Inquiry
R09P05S/P/R8 Image R09P05S/P/R8 CONV DC/DC 1W 09VIN 05VOUT Inquiry
RV-1215D/P/R8 Image RV-1215D/P/R8 CONV DC/DC 2W 12VIN +/-15VOUT Inquiry
RTD-2409/HP Image RTD-2409/HP CONV DC/DC 2W 24VIN +/-09VOUT Inquiry
RP20-4812DAW/P Image RP20-4812DAW/P 20W DC/DC CONV 1""X1"" 1.6KV Inquiry
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