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TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.

We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. electronic component parts.\r\nBrowse the part number by TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. to find the electronic component parts you need.\r\nOnce you find the TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to submit a request for quote (RFQ), and we will contact you quickly.\r\nIf you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to 
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PAH150S48-24/V Image PAH150S48-24/V CONVERT DC-DC 24V 151.2W 6.3A Inquiry
PH150F110-24 Image PH150F110-24 CONVERT DC-DC 24V 150W 6.3A Inquiry
PH75S110-12 Image PH75S110-12 CONVERT DC-DC 12V 75W 6.3A Inquiry
I6A24014A033V-002-R Image I6A24014A033V-002-R DC/DC CONVERTER 3.3-24V 250W Inquiry
PXE3012S3P3 Image PXE3012S3P3 DC-DC CONVERTERS 3.3V 18W 6.0A Inquiry
PH50S48-12 Image PH50S48-12 DC-DC CONVERTR 48V IN 12VOUT 50W Inquiry
PH300A28012 Image PH300A28012 DC DC CONVERTER 12V 300W Inquiry
PAQ65D483318/CV Image PAQ65D483318/CV DC/DC CONVERTER 3.3V 1.8V 50W Inquiry
PH150F48-28 Image PH150F48-28 CONVERT DC-DC 28V 150W 5.4A Inquiry
PAH50S48-28/P Image PAH50S48-28/P CONVERT DC-DC 28V 201.6W 7.2A Inquiry
PAQ100S485/BPV Image PAQ100S485/BPV DC/DC CONVERTER 5V 100W Inquiry
IEA48007A120V-000-R Image IEA48007A120V-000-R CONVRTR DC/DC Inquiry
PAH75D24-3325/PV Image PAH75D24-3325/PV CONVERT DC-DC 60W 24V DUAL 15A Inquiry
IFB48050A120V-122-R DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 50A PCB Inquiry
IQL48045A050V-009-R Image IQL48045A050V-009-R DC/DC CONVERTER 5V 45A PCB Inquiry
CC3-2412DF-E Image CC3-2412DF-E CONV DC/DC 3W DUAL 24V +-12V PCB Inquiry
PAH75D48-3318/PV Image PAH75D48-3318/PV CONVERT DC-DC 50W 48V DUAL 15A Inquiry
ICH12012A007V-007-R Image ICH12012A007V-007-R DC/DC CONVERTER 0.7V-8.5V 12A Inquiry
PSD10481212/S CONVRTR DC/DC Inquiry
CC6-1205SF-E Image CC6-1205SF-E CONV DC/DC 6W SNGL 12V 5V PCB Inquiry
CC3-4805SF-E Image CC3-4805SF-E CONV DC/DC 3W SNGL 48V 5V PCB Inquiry
PAH150S48-3.3 Image PAH150S48-3.3 CONVERT DC-DC 3.3V 115.5W 35A Inquiry
PXD3048D05 Image PXD3048D05 CONV DC-DC PCB +/-5V 3A 30W Inquiry
CC6-0503SF-E Image CC6-0503SF-E CONV DC/DC 6W SNGL 5V 3.3V PCB Inquiry
PXE30-24WS3P3 Image PXE30-24WS3P3 CONVERT DC-DC 3.3V 6A 20W Inquiry
PAH200H481R5/BCP Image PAH200H481R5/BCP CONVERT DC-DC 1.5V 70A 105W Inquiry
CC30-2415SFP-E Image CC30-2415SFP-E CONV DC/DC 30W 24V 15V 2A PCB Inquiry
PXD2012S12 Image PXD2012S12 DC-DC CONVTR 12V 20W 1.67A Inquiry
PAH100S48-3.3/V Image PAH100S48-3.3/V CONVERT DC-DC 3.3V 77.2W 23.4A Inquiry
PSD10241212 CONVRTR DC/DC Inquiry
PAQ50S481R8/PV Image PAQ50S481R8/PV DC/DC CONVERTER 1.8V 22W Inquiry
PXB15-48WD05/N Image PXB15-48WD05/N IC CONV DC-DC 5V 1.5A 15W PCB Inquiry
PH75S48-3.3 Image PH75S48-3.3 CONVERT DC-DC 3.3V 49.5W 15A Inquiry
PXF4048S05 Image PXF4048S05 DC-DC CONVERTERS 5V 8A Inquiry
IBA05008A008V001R Image IBA05008A008V001R DC/DC CONVERTER 0.75-3.63V 26W Inquiry
CCG304812S Image CCG304812S DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 2.5A PCB Inquiry
PAQ50S483R3/V Image PAQ50S483R3/V DC/DC CONVERTER 3.3V 40W Inquiry
CC15-4803SRP-E Image CC15-4803SRP-E CONV DC/DC 48V 3.3V 4.5A 15W SMD Inquiry
PAQ100S485/PV Image PAQ100S485/PV DC/DC CONVERTER 5V 100W Inquiry
PH300F48-15 Image PH300F48-15 CONVERT DC-DC 15V 300W 20A Inquiry
CN30A110-15 Image CN30A110-15 CONV DC/DC 15V OUT 2A 30W Inquiry
PXD1548D05 Image PXD1548D05 CONVERT DC-DC +/-5V 15W 1.5A Inquiry
CC30-2403SFP-E Image CC30-2403SFP-E CONV DC/DC 30W 24V 3.3V 9A PCB Inquiry
PH100F24-15 Image PH100F24-15 CONVERT DC-DC 15V 100W 6.7A Inquiry
PXA15-48S3P3/NT Image PXA15-48S3P3/NT DC/DC CONVERTER 48VDC 11.5W 3.5A Inquiry
CC3-1212SF-E Image CC3-1212SF-E CONV DC/DC 3W SNGL 12V 12V PCB Inquiry
IEA48003A280V-005-R Image IEA48003A280V-005-R CONVRTR DC/DC Inquiry
PAH75D24-3325 Image PAH75D24-3325 CONVERT DC-DC 60W 24V DUAL 15A Inquiry
CCG152412S Image CCG152412S DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 15W Inquiry
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