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We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of Toko America Inc electronic component parts.\r\nBrowse the part number by Toko America Inc to find the electronic component parts you need.\r\nOnce you find the Toko America Inc electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to <a href=\"/request-quote/\">submit a request for quote (RFQ)</a>, and we will contact you quickly.\r\nIf you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to <info@ic-stocks.com>
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TK11230CMCL-G Image TK11230CMCL-G IC REG LDO 3V 0.3A SOT23L-6 Inquiry
TK11228CMCL-G Image TK11228CMCL-G IC REG LDO 2.8V 0.3A SOT23L-6 Inquiry
TK11130CSCL-G Image TK11130CSCL-G IC REG LDO 3V 0.2A SOT23-5 Inquiry
TK11530MTL IC REG LDO 3V 0.1A 8SOP Inquiry
TK11330CMCL-G Image TK11330CMCL-G IC REG LDO 3V 0.3A SOT23L-6 Inquiry
TK71728SCL-G Image TK71728SCL-G IC REG LDO 2.8V 0.2A SOT23-5 Inquiry
TK11125CSCL-G Image TK11125CSCL-G IC REG LDO 2.5V 0.2A SOT23-5 Inquiry
824MY-272K Image 824MY-272K FIXED IND 2.7MH 190MA 3.35 OHM Inquiry
824MY-820K Image 824MY-820K FIXED IND 82UH 1.04A 140 MOHM TH Inquiry
300LS-1R5K=P2 Image 300LS-1R5K=P2 FIXED IND 1.5UH 230MA 490 MOHM Inquiry
636FY-820M=P3 Image 636FY-820M=P3 FIXED IND 82UH 440MA 710 MOHM Inquiry
887FU-391M=P3 Image 887FU-391M=P3 FIXED IND 390UH 96MA 12 OHM SMD Inquiry
824MY-180K Image 824MY-180K FIXED IND 18UH 1.77A 71 MOHM TH Inquiry
PTL2012-F1N2C Image PTL2012-F1N2C FIXED IND 1.2NH 1.1A 100 MOHM Inquiry
PTL2012-F27NT Image PTL2012-F27NT FIXED IND 27NH 200MA 1.8 OHM SMD Inquiry
300LS-680K=P2 Image 300LS-680K=P2 FIXED IND 68UH 75MA 3.92 OHM SMD Inquiry
300NS-R27M=P2 Image 300NS-R27M=P2 FIXED IND 270NH 170MA 490 OHM Inquiry
300NS-R68M FIXED IND 680NH 140MA 770 OHM Inquiry
144LY-120J Image 144LY-120J FIXED IND 12UH 30MA 2 OHM TH Inquiry
FSLU2520-8R2JP2 Image FSLU2520-8R2JP2 FIXED IND 8.2UH 160MA 2.9 OHM Inquiry
FSLU2520-R12KP2 Image FSLU2520-R12KP2 FIXED IND 120NH 550MA 250 MOHM Inquiry
395GN-0091IB=P3 Image 395GN-0091IB=P3 FIXED IND 1.2MH 54MA 8.7 OHM SMD Inquiry
A814AY-181K=P3 Image A814AY-181K=P3 FIXED IND 180UH 730MA 530 MOHM Inquiry
A814AY-150M=P3 Image A814AY-150M=P3 FIXED IND 15UH 2.27A 58 MOHM SMD Inquiry
FSLU2520-180JP2 Image FSLU2520-180JP2 FIXED IND 18UH 135MA 3.3 OHM SMD Inquiry
144LY-300J Image 144LY-300J FIXED IND 30UH 30MA 2.5 OHM TH Inquiry
300NS-R39M=P2 FIXED IND 390NH 155MA 590 OHM Inquiry
646FY-221K=P3 Image 646FY-221K=P3 FIXED IND 220UH 290MA 1.35 OHM Inquiry
646FY-471K=P3 Image 646FY-471K=P3 FIXED IND 470UH 190MA 2.6 OHM Inquiry
646FY-181K=P3 Image 646FY-181K=P3 FIXED IND 180UH 350MA 1.05 OHM Inquiry
A814AY-120M=P3 Image A814AY-120M=P3 FIXED IND 12UH 2.48A 50 MOHM SMD Inquiry
636FY-680M=P3 Image 636FY-680M=P3 FIXED IND 68UH 490MA 600 MOHM Inquiry
300NS-R82M FIXED IND 820NH 135MA 860 OHM Inquiry
300NS-R22M FIXED IND 220NH 190MA 430 OHM Inquiry
300LS-180K=P2 Image 300LS-180K=P2 FIXED IND 18UH 125MA 1.77 OHM Inquiry
682AE-014=P3 Image 682AE-014=P3 FIXED IND 95UH SMD Inquiry
656LZ-05K=P3 Image 656LZ-05K=P3 FIXED IND 22NH 1A SMD Inquiry
300LS-820K=P2 Image 300LS-820K=P2 FIXED IND 82UH 75MA 4.42 OHM SMD Inquiry
300LS-1R2K=P2 FIXED IND 1.2UH 240MA 460 MOHM Inquiry
144LY-3R3K Image 144LY-3R3K FIXED IND 3.3UH 30MA 1 OHM TH Inquiry
144LY-1R6K Image 144LY-1R6K FIXED IND 1.6UH 30MA 1 OHM TH Inquiry
FSLU2520-82NKP2 Image FSLU2520-82NKP2 FIXED IND 82NH 390MA 420 MOHM Inquiry
FSLU2520-39NKP2 Image FSLU2520-39NKP2 FIXED IND 39NH 460MA 320 MOHM Inquiry
PTL2012-F2N2C Image PTL2012-F2N2C FIXED IND 2.2NH 750MA 150 MOHM Inquiry
A814AY-391K=P3 Image A814AY-391K=P3 FIXED IND 390UH 490MA 1.09 OHM Inquiry
PTL2012-F68NT Image PTL2012-F68NT FIXED IND 68NH 100MA 5 OHM SMD Inquiry
LL2012-F1N8S Image LL2012-F1N8S FIXED IND 1.8NH 300MA 100 MOHM Inquiry
875FU-122M=P3 Image 875FU-122M=P3 FIXED IND 1.2MH 88MA 22 OHM SMD Inquiry
887FU-122M=P3 Image 887FU-122M=P3 FIXED IND 1.2MH 57MA 35 OHM SMD Inquiry
887FU-471M=P3 Image 887FU-471M=P3 FIXED IND 470UH 90MA 14 OHM SMD Inquiry
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