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Toko America Inc

We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of Toko America Inc electronic component parts.\r\nBrowse the part number by Toko America Inc to find the electronic component parts you need.\r\nOnce you find the Toko America Inc electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to <a href=\"/request-quote/\">submit a request for quote (RFQ)</a>, and we will contact you quickly.\r\nIf you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to <info@ic-stocks.com>
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181LY-124J FIXED IND 120MH 8MA 97 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-333J Image 187LY-333J FIXED IND 33MH 30MA 80 OHM TH Inquiry
181LY-333J FIXED IND 33MH 17MA 26 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-101J Image 187LY-101J FIXED IND 100UH 200MA 2 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-151J Image 187LY-151J FIXED IND 150UH 200MA 3 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-221J Image 187LY-221J FIXED IND 220UH 200MA 3 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-331J Image 187LY-331J FIXED IND 330UH 200MA 4 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-391J Image 187LY-391J FIXED IND 390UH 200MA 4 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-471J Image 187LY-471J FIXED IND 470UH 200MA 4 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-561J Image 187LY-561J FIXED IND 560UH 200MA 4 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-681J Image 187LY-681J FIXED IND 680UH 200MA 4 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-821J Image 187LY-821J FIXED IND 820UH 200MA 6 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-102J Image 187LY-102J FIXED IND 1MH 150MA 6 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-122J Image 187LY-122J FIXED IND 1.2MH 150MA 9 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-152J Image 187LY-152J FIXED IND 1.5MH 150MA 9 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-222J Image 187LY-222J FIXED IND 2.2MH 100MA 13 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-272J Image 187LY-272J FIXED IND 2.7MH 100MA 13 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-332J Image 187LY-332J FIXED IND 3.3MH 100MA 13 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-392J Image 187LY-392J FIXED IND 3.9MH 50MA 13 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-472J Image 187LY-472J FIXED IND 4.7MH 50MA 18 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-562J Image 187LY-562J FIXED IND 5.6MH 50MA 18 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-822J Image 187LY-822J FIXED IND 8.2MH 50MA 26 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-153J Image 187LY-153J FIXED IND 15MH 40MA 60 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-183J Image 187LY-183J FIXED IND 18MH 30MA 60 OHM TH Inquiry
187LY-273J Image 187LY-273J FIXED IND 27MH 30MA 80 OHM TH Inquiry
181LY-102J FIXED IND 1MH 90MA 3.4 OHM TH Inquiry
181LY-332J FIXED IND 3.3MH 50MA 6.1 OHM TH Inquiry
181LY-472J Image 181LY-472J FIXED IND 4.7MH 40MA 7.5 OHM TH Inquiry
181LY-562J FIXED IND 5.6MH 40MA 8.4 OHM TH Inquiry
181LY-103J FIXED IND 10MH 25MA 12.1 OHM TH Inquiry
181LY-183J FIXED IND 18MH 22MA 17 OHM TH Inquiry
181LY-223J FIXED IND 22MH 21MA 19.5 OHM TH Inquiry
181LY-393J FIXED IND 39MH 15MA 45 OHM TH Inquiry
181LY-104J FIXED IND 100MH 9MA 82 OHM TH Inquiry
300LS-1R0K=P2 FIXED IND 1UH 250MA 420 MOHM SMD Inquiry
300LS-2R2K=P2 FIXED IND 2.2UH 200MA 590 MOHM Inquiry
300LS-2R7K=P2 FIXED IND 2.7UH 190MA 680 MOHM Inquiry
300LS-4R7K=P2 FIXED IND 4.7UH 160MA 890 MOHM Inquiry
300LS-5R6K=P2 FIXED IND 5.6UH 150MA 980 MOHM Inquiry
300LS-100K=P2 FIXED IND 10UH 145MA 1.29 OHM Inquiry
300LS-150K=P2 FIXED IND 15UH 130MA 1.56 OHM Inquiry
300LS-220K=P2 FIXED IND 22UH 115MA 1.99 OHM Inquiry
300LS-270K=P2 FIXED IND 27UH 105MA 2.21 OHM Inquiry
300LS-470K=P2 FIXED IND 47UH 85MA 3.19 OHM SMD Inquiry
300LS-101J=P2 FIXED IND 100UH 70MA 4.97 OHM Inquiry
300HS-121J=P2 FIXED IND 120UH 70MA 4.24 OHM Inquiry
300HS-221J=P2 FIXED IND 220UH 60MA 6.13 OHM Inquiry
LL2012-F15NK FIXED IND 15NH 300MA 400 MOHM Inquiry
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