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2SK3320-Y(TE85L,F) Image 2SK3320-Y(TE85L,F) JFET DUAL N-CH USV Inquiry
2SK208-O(TE85L,F) Image 2SK208-O(TE85L,F) MOSFET N-CH S-MINI FET Inquiry
2SK3320-BL(TE85L,F Image 2SK3320-BL(TE85L,F JFET DUAL N-CH USV Inquiry
2SK208-R(TE85L,F) Image 2SK208-R(TE85L,F) MOSFET N-CH 50V S-MINI Inquiry
2SK879-GR(TE85L,F) Image 2SK879-GR(TE85L,F) JFET N-CH 0.1W USM Inquiry
2SK2145-Y(TE85L,F) Image 2SK2145-Y(TE85L,F) MOSFET 2N-CH JFET 50V SMV Inquiry
2SK2145-GR(TE85L,F Image 2SK2145-GR(TE85L,F MOSFET 2N-CH JFET 50V SMV Inquiry
2SK208-GR(TE85L,F) Image 2SK208-GR(TE85L,F) MOSFET N-CH S-MINI FET Inquiry
2SK2145-BL(TE85L,F Image 2SK2145-BL(TE85L,F JFET N-CH 50V SMV Inquiry
2SK880-BL(TE85L,F) Image 2SK880-BL(TE85L,F) JFET N-CH 50V 0.1W USM Inquiry
2SK880GRTE85LF Image 2SK880GRTE85LF JFET N-CH 50V 0.1W USM Inquiry
2SK880-Y(TE85L,F) Image 2SK880-Y(TE85L,F) JFET N-CH 50V 0.1W USM Inquiry
2SK879-Y(TE85L,F) Image 2SK879-Y(TE85L,F) JFET N-CH 0.1W USM Inquiry
2SK208-Y(TE85L,F) Image 2SK208-Y(TE85L,F) MOSFET N-CH 50V S-MINI Inquiry
GT50J121(Q) IGBT 600V 50A 240W TO3P LH Inquiry
GT8G133(TE12L,Q) Image GT8G133(TE12L,Q) IGBT 400V 600MW 8TSSOP Inquiry
GT60N321(Q) IGBT 1000V 60A 170W TO3P LH Inquiry
GT10J312(Q) Image GT10J312(Q) IGBT 600V 10A 60W TO220SM Inquiry
GT10G131(TE12L,Q) Image GT10G131(TE12L,Q) IGBT 400V 1W 8-SOIC Inquiry
2SJ668(TE16L1,NQ) MOSFET P-CH 60V 5A PW-MOLD Inquiry
2SK3670,F(M Image 2SK3670,F(M MOSFET N-CH Inquiry
2SK3670,F(J Image 2SK3670,F(J MOSFET N-CH Inquiry
2SK3670(T6CANO,F,M Image 2SK3670(T6CANO,F,M MOSFET N-CH Inquiry
2SK3670(T6CANO,A,F Image 2SK3670(T6CANO,A,F MOSFET N-CH Inquiry
2SK3670(F,M) Image 2SK3670(F,M) MOSFET N-CH Inquiry
2SK2989,T6F(J Image 2SK2989,T6F(J MOSFET N-CH Inquiry
2SK2989,F(J Image 2SK2989,F(J MOSFET N-CH Inquiry
2SK2989(TPE6,F,M) Image 2SK2989(TPE6,F,M) MOSFET N-CH Inquiry
2SK2989(T6CANO,F,M Image 2SK2989(T6CANO,F,M MOSFET N-CH Inquiry
2SK2989(T6CANO,A,F Image 2SK2989(T6CANO,A,F MOSFET N-CH Inquiry
2SK2962,T6WNLF(M Image 2SK2962,T6WNLF(M MOSFET N-CH Inquiry
2SK2962,T6WNLF(J Image 2SK2962,T6WNLF(J MOSFET N-CH Inquiry
2SK2962,T6F(M Image 2SK2962,T6F(M MOSFET N-CH Inquiry
2SK2962,T6F(J Image 2SK2962,T6F(J MOSFET N-CH Inquiry
2SK2962,F(J Image 2SK2962,F(J MOSFET N-CH Inquiry
2SK2962(TE6,F,M) Image 2SK2962(TE6,F,M) MOSFET N-CH Inquiry
2SK2962(T6CANO,F,M Image 2SK2962(T6CANO,F,M MOSFET N-CH Inquiry
2SK2962(T6CANO,A,F Image 2SK2962(T6CANO,A,F MOSFET N-CH Inquiry
2SJ438,Q(M Image 2SJ438,Q(M MOSFET P-CH Inquiry
2SJ438,Q(J Image 2SJ438,Q(J MOSFET P-CH Inquiry
2SJ438,MDKQ(M Image 2SJ438,MDKQ(M MOSFET P-CH Inquiry
2SJ438,MDKQ(J Image 2SJ438,MDKQ(J MOSFET P-CH Inquiry
2SJ438(CANO,Q,M) Image 2SJ438(CANO,Q,M) MOSFET P-CH Inquiry
2SJ438(CANO,A,Q) Image 2SJ438(CANO,A,Q) MOSFET P-CH Inquiry
2SJ438(AISIN,Q,M) Image 2SJ438(AISIN,Q,M) MOSFET P-CH Inquiry
2SJ438(AISIN,A,Q) Image 2SJ438(AISIN,A,Q) MOSFET P-CH Inquiry
TK16V60W,LVQ Image TK16V60W,LVQ MOSFET N CH 600V 15.8A 5DFN Inquiry
TK12V60W,LVQ Image TK12V60W,LVQ MOSFET N CH 600V 11.5A 5DFN Inquiry
SSM3K318T,LF Image SSM3K318T,LF MOSFET N-CH 60V 2.5A TSM Inquiry
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