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WeEn Semiconductors

We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of WeEn Semiconductors electronic component parts.\r\nBrowse the part number by WeEn Semiconductors to find the electronic component parts you need.\r\nOnce you find the WeEn Semiconductors electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to submit a request for quote (RFQ), and we will contact you quickly.\r\nIf you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to 
Image Part Number Description View
BTA206X-800CT/L01, Image BTA206X-800CT/L01, TRIAC 800V 6A TO220F Inquiry
BT149G,126 Image BT149G,126 THYRISTOR 600V 0.8A SOT54 Inquiry
BT137X-600E,127 Image BT137X-600E,127 TRIAC SENS GATE 600V 8A TO220-3 Inquiry
PHE13005,127 Image PHE13005,127 TRANS NPN 400V 4A TO220AB Inquiry
BT169D/DG,126 Image BT169D/DG,126 THYRISTOR 400V 500MA TO92-3 Inquiry
BTA312X-800B,127 Image BTA312X-800B,127 TRIAC 800V 12A TO220-3 Inquiry
BT155W-1200TQ Image BT155W-1200TQ SCR 1200V 79A TO247-3 Inquiry
BT258-800R,127 Image BT258-800R,127 THYRISTOR 800V 8A TO220AB Inquiry
BT136X-600E/DG,127 Image BT136X-600E/DG,127 TRIAC SENS GATE 600V 4A TO220F Inquiry
BTA216-800B,127 Image BTA216-800B,127 TRIAC 800V 16A TO220AB Inquiry
BT151S-650L,118 Image BT151S-650L,118 THYRISTOR 500V 12A DPAK Inquiry
BTA208X-1000C0,127 Image BTA208X-1000C0,127 TRIAC 1KV 8A TO220-3 Inquiry
PHE13009,127 Image PHE13009,127 TRANS NPN 400V 12A TO220AB Inquiry
BYC5B-600,118 Image BYC5B-600,118 DIODE GEN PURP 500V 5A D2PAK Inquiry
BTA204X-600F,127 Image BTA204X-600F,127 TRIAC 600V 4A TO220F Inquiry
BYT28-300,127 Image BYT28-300,127 DIODE ARRAY GP 300V 10A TO220AB Inquiry
BYV430W-300PQ BYV430W-300P/TO-247/STANDARD M Inquiry
TYN16S-600CTJ TYN16S-600CTJ DPAK Inquiry
BTA310X-600C,127 Image BTA310X-600C,127 TRIAC 600V 10A TO220F Inquiry
BYV29FB-600,118 Image BYV29FB-600,118 DIODE GEN PURP 600V 9A D2PAK Inquiry
TOPT12-800C0,127 TOPT12-800C0,127 SIL3P Inquiry
TYN16X-800RT,127 Image TYN16X-800RT,127 IC SCR 16A 800V TO-220F Inquiry
Z0109MN,135 Image Z0109MN,135 TRIAC SENS GATE 600V 1A SC73 Inquiry
BYV29-500,127 Image BYV29-500,127 DIODE GEN PURP 500V 9A TO220AC Inquiry
BT152-400R,127 Image BT152-400R,127 THYRISTOR 20A 450V TO220AB Inquiry
BTA316-600E/DGQ Image BTA316-600E/DGQ TRIAC SENS GATE 600V 16A TO220AB Inquiry
BTA316X-600B,127 Image BTA316X-600B,127 TRIAC 600V 16A TO220-3 Inquiry
BTA316B-600BT,118 Image BTA316B-600BT,118 TRIAC 600V 16A D2PAK Inquiry
BTA216B-800B,118 Image BTA216B-800B,118 TRIAC 800V 16A D2PAK Inquiry
BT137-800E,127 Image BT137-800E,127 TRIAC SENS GATE 800V 8A TO220AB Inquiry
BT138-600-0Q BT138-600-0/SIL3P/STANDARD MAR Inquiry
BUJ100,412 Image BUJ100,412 TRANS NPN 400V 1A TO92 Inquiry
BTA410-800ET,127 Image BTA410-800ET,127 TRIAC SENS GATE 800V 10A TO220AB Inquiry
BTA425X-800BT/L02Q BTA425X-800BT/L02/TO-220F/STAN Inquiry
BT138-600E,127 Image BT138-600E,127 TRIAC SENS GATE 600V 12A TO220AB Inquiry
ACTT12B-800CTJ ACTT12B-800CT/D2PAK/REEL 13"" Q Inquiry
NCR100W-10LX NCR100W-10L/SC-73/REEL 7"" Q1/T Inquiry
BYC8D-600,127 Image BYC8D-600,127 DIODE GEN PURP 600V 8A TO220AC Inquiry
NXPSC04650DJ NXPSC04650DJ DPAK Q1 T1 Inquiry
BT236X-800G/L02Q BT236X-800G/L02/TO-220F/STANDA Inquiry
BYV25FD-600,118 Image BYV25FD-600,118 DIODE GEN PURP 600V 5A DPAK Inquiry
BTA216-600D,127 Image BTA216-600D,127 TRIAC SENS GATE 600V 16A TO220AB Inquiry
BT1308W-400D,135 Image BT1308W-400D,135 TRIAC SENS GATE 400V 0.8A SC73 Inquiry
NXPS20S100C,127 Image NXPS20S100C,127 DIODE ARRAY SCHOTTKY 100V TO220 Inquiry
BT137X-800E,127 Image BT137X-800E,127 TRIAC SENS GATE 800V 8A TO220-3 Inquiry
BTA420X-800CT,127 Image BTA420X-800CT,127 TRIAC 800V 20A TO220F Inquiry
BTA312X-600E/DGQ Image BTA312X-600E/DGQ TRIAC SENS GATE 600V 12A TO220F Inquiry
BT137S-600E,118 Image BT137S-600E,118 TRIAC SENS GATE 600V 8A DPAK Inquiry
BT138B-800E,118 Image BT138B-800E,118 TRIAC SENS GATE 800V 12A D2PAK Inquiry
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