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We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of XP Power electronic component parts.\r\nBrowse the part number by XP Power to find the electronic component parts you need.\r\nOnce you find the XP Power electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to submit a request for quote (RFQ), and we will contact you quickly.\r\nIf you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to 
Image Part Number Description View
QSB60048S28 Image QSB60048S28 DC/DC CONVERTER Inquiry
RDC30110T0512 Image RDC30110T0512 DC/DC CONVERTER 5V +/-12V Inquiry
IQ2409SA Image IQ2409SA DC/DC CONVERTER 9V 1W Inquiry
SR05S2V5 Image SR05S2V5 DC/DC CONVERTER 2.5V 1W Inquiry
IE1203S Image IE1203S DC/DC CONVERTER 3.3V 1W Inquiry
JCK1512D15 Image JCK1512D15 DC/DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15W Inquiry
JCK2024D12 Image JCK2024D12 DC/DC CONVERTER +/-12V 20W Inquiry
JHM1524D05 Image JHM1524D05 DC/DC CONVERTER 15W MEDICAL Inquiry
JTH1524D15 Image JTH1524D15 DC/DC CONVERTER +/-15V 15W Inquiry
ISL4812 Image ISL4812 DC/DC CONVERTER +/-12V 1.5W Inquiry
A03P-12 Image A03P-12 SINGLE O/P, DC-HV DC PCB MOUNT, Inquiry
IMM0205S12 Image IMM0205S12 DC-DC CONV 2W SGL OUT MED SIP Inquiry
MTC0528S15 Image MTC0528S15 DC/DC CONVERTER Inquiry
JCB0324D05 Image JCB0324D05 DC/DC CONVERTER +/-5V 3W Inquiry
IHA0105S12 Image IHA0105S12 DC-DC, 1W, SINGLE OUTPUT, HIGH I Inquiry
JAH0212S15 Image JAH0212S15 DC/DC CONVERTER 15V 2W Inquiry
ISJ1205A Image ISJ1205A DC/DC CONVERTER 5V 1W Inquiry
JTF1024S05 Image JTF1024S05 DC/DC CONVERTER 5V 10W Inquiry
JAH0212S09 Image JAH0212S09 DC/DC CONVERTER 9V 2W Inquiry
JTF1524S05 Image JTF1524S05 DC/DC CONVERTER 5V 15W Inquiry
IT4815SA Image IT4815SA DC/DC CONVERTER 15V 3W Inquiry
ISW0505A-H Image ISW0505A-H DC/DC CONV 1W SMD SNG OUT Inquiry
STR05S09 Image STR05S09 DC/DC CONVERTER 9V 5W Inquiry
JSK5012S24 Image JSK5012S24 DC-DC CONV. 50W, 2:1 INPUT, 1X2" Inquiry
IM2415SA Image IM2415SA DC/DC CONVERTER 15V 2W Inquiry
JCK2024S15 Image JCK2024S15 DC/DC CONVERTER 15V 20W Inquiry
JSM1012D05 Image JSM1012D05 DC/DC CONVERTER 5V -5V 10W Inquiry
JCJ1012D12 Image JCJ1012D12 DC/DC CONVERTER +/-12V 10W Inquiry
ISE2409A-H Image ISE2409A-H DC/DC CONV 9V 1W Inquiry
ISA2424-H Image ISA2424-H DC/DC CONV 1W SMD DUAL OUT Inquiry
JCM1512D12 Image JCM1512D12 DC/DC CONVERTER +/-12V 15W Inquiry
JWK2524D15 Image JWK2524D15 DC/DC CONVERTER 15V -15V 25W Inquiry
AH20N-12 Image AH20N-12 SINGLE O/P, DC-HV DC PCB MOUNT, Inquiry
JCE0612D12 Image JCE0612D12 DC/DC CONVERTER +/-12V 6W Inquiry
ITW0512S Image ITW0512S DC/DC CONVERTER +/-12V 1W Inquiry
JCK1524S15 Image JCK1524S15 DC/DC CONVERTER 15V 15W Inquiry
JCD0412S12 Image JCD0412S12 DC/DC CONVERTER 12V 4W Inquiry
JCJ0848S3V3 Image JCJ0848S3V3 DC/DC CONVERTER 3.3V 8W Inquiry
JWK1024D15 Image JWK1024D15 DC/DC CONVERTER 15V -15V 10W Inquiry
ISA1205-H Image ISA1205-H DC/DC CONV 1W SMD DUAL OUT Inquiry
A12N-5 Image A12N-5 SINGLE O/P, DC-HV DC PCB MOUNT, Inquiry
IH4803SH Image IH4803SH DC/DC CONVERTER +/-3.3V 2W Inquiry
JCM2024D12 Image JCM2024D12 DC/DC CONVERTER +/-12V 20W Inquiry
JAH0205S15 Image JAH0205S15 DC/DC CONVERTER 15V 2W Inquiry
ISH1224A-H Image ISH1224A-H DC/DC CONV 2W SMD SNG OUT Inquiry
IF2403S Image IF2403S DC/DC CONVERTER 3.3V 1W Inquiry
ISW1215A Image ISW1215A DC/DC CONV 1W SMD SNG OUT Inquiry
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