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We are committed to researching, developing and supplying ICs, diodes, transistors, IGBT, Power modules, semiconductors, capacitors, resistors, switches, LED and other related products which are used for household appliances, defending products, commercial installation, electric power equipment and communication, to meet the increasing demands. Our products have high quality and competitive price. 

We are located in Huaqiang North and have been a supplier of electronic components for more than 8 years, with rich sales experience. We can supply more than one hundred brands of goods, and we also accept OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) orders. To give our customers complete flexibility, we have no minimum order requirements. 

With a good reputation in the past 8 years, we have set up a complete & effective system for stable product supply, strict quality control, prompt shipment and enthusiastic service. All we do is to meet our customers' needs to the maximum. Therefore, we hope to establish good and pleasant relationships with more companies. 

We hope to do the best for you. You are welcome to negotiate business with us. We will be on-line 24 hours per day for you. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you!

We are the member of Shenzhen Chamber of E-Commerce Association.

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