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Bourns 3590 - Precision Potentiometer ic-stocks

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  • Release on:2018-09-28

■ Bushing mount

■ Optional AR pin feature

■ Plastic or metal shaft and bushings

■ Wirewound

■ Solder lugs or PC pins

■ Sealable (Full body seal)

Electrical Characteristics1

Standard Resistance Range--.200 to 100 K ohms

Total Resistance Tolerance--±5 %

Independent Linearity--±0.25 %

Effective Electrical Angle--3600 ° +10 °, -0 °

Absolute Minimum Resistance--1 ohm or 0.1 % maximum (whichever is greater)

Noise--100 ohms ENR maximumDielectric Withstanding Voltage (MIL-STD-202, Method 301)

Sea Level --1,500 VAC minimumPower Rating (Voltage Limited By Power Dissipation or 450 VAC, Whichever is Less)+40 °C

2 watts+125 °C--0 watt

Insulation Resistance (500 VDC)--1,000 megohms minimum

Resolution --See recommended part numbers

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