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MAX505BCAG+ Digital to Analog Converters - DAC Quad www.ic-stocks.com

  • Author:salmon ye
  • Source:www.ic-stocks.com
  • Release on:2021-09-10

The MAX505BCAG+ is a quad, 8bit digital to analogue converter (DAC) with rail to rail outputs in 24 pin SSOP package. The device operates with a single +5V supply or a dual ±5V supplies. Internal precision output buffers swing rail to rail and reference input range includes both supply rails. Offset, gain and linearity are factory calibrated to provide 1LSB total unadjusted error (TUE) over the full operating temperature range. It contains double buffered logic inputs which allow all analogue outputs to be simultaneously updated using the asynchronous load DAC (active-low LDAC) control signal and also has four separate reference inputs, allowing each DAC's full scale range to be independently set. This device is used in arbitrary function generators, automatic test equipment, digital offset/gain adjustment, minimum component count analogue systems and programmable attenuators.
  • Positive supply voltage range is 4.5V to 5.5V, negative voltage range from -5.5V to 0V
  • Operating temperature range from 0°C to 70°C
  • Supports parallel interface
  • Microprocessor and TTL/CMOS compatible
  • Require no external adjustments
  • Pin compatible upgrades to MX7225/MX7226
  • Double buffered digital inputs


Signal Processing, Industrial

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