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MAXIM MAX3311EEUB RS-232-Compatible Transceivers IC-STOCKS

  • Author:Salmon Ye
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  • Release on:2019-07-05
General Description

The MAX3311E/MAX3313E are low-power, 5V EIA/TIA232-compatibletransceivers. All transmitter outputsand receiver inputs are protected to ±15kV using theHuman Body Model, making these devices ideal forapplications where more robust transceivers arerequired.

Both devices have one transmitter and one receiver.The transmitters have a proprietary low-dropout transmitteroutput stage enabling RS-232-compatible operationfrom a +5V supply with a single inverting chargepump.

These transceivers require only three 0.1µFcapacitors and will run at data rates up to 460kbpswhile maintaining RS-232-compatible output levels.The MAX3311E features a 1µA shutdown mode. Inshutdown the device turns off the charge pump, pullsV- to ground, and the transmitter output is disabled.

The MAX3313E features an INVALID output that assertshigh when an active RS-232 cable signal is connected,signaling to the host that a peripheral is connected tothe communication port.


Digital Cameras





Handy Terminals

Set-Top Boxes


♦ ESD Protection for RS-232-Compatible I/O Pins±15kV—Human Body Model

♦ 1µA Low-Power Shutdown (MAX3311E)

♦ INVALID Output (MAX3313E)

♦ Receiver Active in Shutdown (MAX3311E)

♦ Single Transceiver (1Tx/1Rx) in 10-Pin µMAXPackage

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