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We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of Knowles Novacap electronic component parts.\r\nBrowse the part number by Knowles Novacap to find the electronic component parts you need.\r\nOnce you find the Knowles Novacap electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to submit a request for quote (RFQ), and we will contact you quickly.\r\nIf you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to 
Image Part Number Description View
5550N472J602LE Image 5550N472J602LE CAP RADIAL 5550,4700PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
6560N821J602LE Image 6560N821J602LE CAP RADIAL 6560,820PF,6KV,5%,C0G Inquiry
ES2211N8R2C502NTM Image ES2211N8R2C502NTM MLCC Y2 SAFETY 8.2PF 5KV 2211 NP Inquiry
1210D390J202KHT Image 1210D390J202KHT MLCC CLASS I (-55C TO 200C)2000V Inquiry
7565N331J103LE Image 7565N331J103LE CAP RADIAL 7565,330PF,10KV, 5%,C Inquiry
3530N821J602LE Image 3530N821J602LE CAP RADIAL 3530,820PF,6KV,5%,C0G Inquiry
1812E564K250KHT Image 1812E564K250KHT MLCC CLASS II(-55C TO 200C) 25V, Inquiry
0805E563K250KHT Image 0805E563K250KHT CAP CER 0.056UF 25V 0805 Inquiry
0402BW474K160YT Image 0402BW474K160YT CAP CER 0.47UF 16V X5R 0402 Inquiry
ES2211N6R8C502NTM Image ES2211N6R8C502NTM MLCC Y2 SAFETY 6.8PF 5KV 2211 NP Inquiry
1812D391J102KHT Image 1812D391J102KHT MLCC CLASS I (-55C TO 200C)1000V Inquiry
6560B222K103LE CAP RADIAL 6560,2200PF,10KV, 10% Inquiry
1210D471J251KHT Image 1210D471J251KHT MLCC CLASS I (-55C TO 200C)250V, Inquiry
0805D330J102KHT Image 0805D330J102KHT MLCC CLASS I (-55C TO 200C)1000V Inquiry
RF0505X681K500KX057T Image RF0505X681K500KX057T RF MLCC 680PF 50V 10% BX 0505 Inquiry
0805D330J501KHT Image 0805D330J501KHT CAP CER 33PF 500V C0G/NP0 0805 Inquiry
0805E181K101KHT Image 0805E181K101KHT CAP CER 180PF 100V 0805 Inquiry
LS1808N102K302NX080TM Image LS1808N102K302NX080TM CAP CER 1000PF 3KV C0G/NP0 1808 Inquiry
1825E125K250KHT Image 1825E125K250KHT MLCC CLASS II(-55C TO 200C) 25V, Inquiry
4540N681J103LE Image 4540N681J103LE CAP RADIAL 4540,680PF,10KV, 5%,C Inquiry
1825E334K101KHT Image 1825E334K101KHT MLCC CLASS II(-55C TO 200C) 100V Inquiry
0402BB473K160YT Image 0402BB473K160YT CAP CER 0.047UF 16V X7R 0402 Inquiry
4540N271J103LE Image 4540N271J103LE CAP RADIAL 4540,270PF,10KV, 5%,C Inquiry
7565N181J602LE Image 7565N181J602LE CAP RADIAL 7565,180PF,6KV,5%,C0G Inquiry
1825D393J500KHT Image 1825D393J500KHT MLCC CLASS I (-55C TO 200C)50V, Inquiry
0805E471K501KHT Image 0805E471K501KHT CAP CER 470PF 500V 0805 Inquiry
RF2525B823K201KX145T Image RF2525B823K201KX145T RF MLCC 82NF 200V 10% X7R 2525 Inquiry
5550B222K602LE CAP RADIAL 5550,2200PF,6KV,10%,X Inquiry
0805E561K501KHT Image 0805E561K501KHT CAP CER 560PF 500V 0805 Inquiry
1206E681K501KHT Image 1206E681K501KHT CAP CER 680PF 500V 1206 Inquiry
2225E273K501KHT Image 2225E273K501KHT MLCC CLASS II(-55C TO 200C) 500V Inquiry
0805E393K250KHT Image 0805E393K250KHT CAP CER 0.039UF 25V 0805 Inquiry
ES2211N820K502NTM Image ES2211N820K502NTM MLCC Y2 SAFETY 82PF 5KV 2211 NPO Inquiry
ES2211N330K502NTM Image ES2211N330K502NTM CAP CER 33PF 5KV C0G/NP0 2211 Inquiry
1206D181J501KHT Image 1206D181J501KHT CAP CER 180PF 500V C0G/NP0 1206 Inquiry
RF0505X562K500KX057T Image RF0505X562K500KX057T RF MLCC 5.6NF 50V 10% BX 0505 Inquiry
1210E334K250KHT Image 1210E334K250KHT MLCC CLASS II(-55C TO 200C) 25V, Inquiry
7565N151J602LE Image 7565N151J602LE CAP RADIAL 7565,150PF,6KV,5%,C0G Inquiry
1206E103K251KHT Image 1206E103K251KHT CAP CER 10000PF 250V 1206 Inquiry
1206B122K152NT Image 1206B122K152NT MLCC 1.2NF 10% 1.5KV 1206 X7R Inquiry
0805D681J101KHT Image 0805D681J101KHT CAP CER 680PF 100V C0G/NP0 0805 Inquiry
3530N122J602LE Image 3530N122J602LE CAP RADIAL 3530,1200PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
RF0505X152K500KX057T Image RF0505X152K500KX057T RF MLCC 1.5NF 50V 10% BX 0505 Inquiry
5550N471J103LE Image 5550N471J103LE CAP RADIAL 5550,470PF,10KV, 5%,C Inquiry
ES2211N121K502NTM Image ES2211N121K502NTM MLCC Y2 SAFETY 120PF 5KV 2211 NP Inquiry
6560N331J103LE Image 6560N331J103LE CAP RADIAL 6560,330PF,10KV, 5%,C Inquiry
5550B102K602LE CAP RADIAL 5550,1000PF,6KV,10%,X Inquiry
RF2525B224K201KX145T Image RF2525B224K201KX145T RF MLCC 220NF 200V 10% X7R 2525 Inquiry
2225E683K251KHT Image 2225E683K251KHT MLCC CLASS II(-55C TO 200C) 250V Inquiry
5550B152K602LE CAP RADIAL 5550,1500PF,6KV,10%,X Inquiry
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