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We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of Knowles Novacap electronic component parts.\r\nBrowse the part number by Knowles Novacap to find the electronic component parts you need.\r\nOnce you find the Knowles Novacap electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to <a href=\"/request-quote/\">submit a request for quote (RFQ)</a>, and we will contact you quickly.\r\nIf you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to <info@ic-stocks.com>
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7565N123J602LE Image 7565N123J602LE CAP RADIAL 7565,12NF,6KV,5%,C0G Inquiry
7565N103J602LE Image 7565N103J602LE CAP RADIAL 7565,10NF,6KV,5%,C0G Inquiry
7565N392J103LE Image 7565N392J103LE CAP RADIAL 7565,3900PF,10KV, 5%, Inquiry
7565N822J602LE Image 7565N822J602LE CAP RADIAL 7565,8200PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
7565N682J602LE Image 7565N682J602LE CAP RADIAL 7565,6800PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
7565N332J103LE Image 7565N332J103LE CAP RADIAL 7565,3300PF,10KV, 5%, Inquiry
6560N103J602LE Image 6560N103J602LE CAP RADIAL, 6560, 10000PF 5% COG Inquiry
7565N562J602LE Image 7565N562J602LE CAP RADIAL 7565,5600PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
7565N272J103LE Image 7565N272J103LE CAP RADIAL 7565,2700PF,10KV, 5%, Inquiry
7565N472J602LE Image 7565N472J602LE CAP RADIAL 7565,4700PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
6560N822J602LE Image 6560N822J602LE CAP RADIAL 6560,8200PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
6560N682J602LE Image 6560N682J602LE CAP RADIAL 6560,6800PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
5550N562J602LE Image 5550N562J602LE CAP RADIAL 5550,5600PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
7565N222J103LE Image 7565N222J103LE CAP RADIAL 7565,2200PF,10KV, 5%, Inquiry
6560N332J103LE Image 6560N332J103LE CAP RADIAL 6560,3300PF,10KV, 5%, Inquiry
5550N472J602LE Image 5550N472J602LE CAP RADIAL 5550,4700PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
6560B333K602LE CAP RADIAL 6560,33NF,6KV,10%,X7R Inquiry
7565B333K602LE CAP RADIAL 7565,33NF,6KV,10%,X7R Inquiry
7565N392J602LE Image 7565N392J602LE CAP RADIAL 7565,3900PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
6560B103K103LE CAP RADIAL 6560,10NF,10KV, 10%,X Inquiry
5550N392J602LE Image 5550N392J602LE CAP RADIAL 5550,3900PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
7565N182J103LE Image 7565N182J103LE CAP RADIAL 7565,1800PF, 10KV, 5% Inquiry
6560N562J602LE Image 6560N562J602LE CAP RADIAL 6560,5600PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
6560N272J103LE Image 6560N272J103LE CAP RADIAL 6560,2700PF,10KV, 5%, Inquiry
7565B103K103LE CAP RADIAL 7565,10NF,10KV, 10%,X Inquiry
7565N332J602LE Image 7565N332J602LE CAP RADIAL 7565,3300PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
5550N222J103LE Image 5550N222J103LE CAP RADIAL 5550,2200PF,10KV, 5%, Inquiry
5550N332J602LE Image 5550N332J602LE CAP RADIAL 5550,3300PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
7565N152J103LE Image 7565N152J103LE CAP RADIAL 7565,1500PF,10KV, 5%, Inquiry
5550B223K602LE CAP RADIAL 5550,22NF,6KV,10%,X7R Inquiry
4540N392J602LE Image 4540N392J602LE CAP RADIAL 4540,3900PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
6560N222J103LE Image 6560N222J103LE CAP RADIAL 6560,2200PF,10KV, 5%, Inquiry
6560N472J602LE Image 6560N472J602LE CAP RADIAL 6560,4700PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
6560B223K602LE CAP RADIAL 6560,22NF,6KV,10%,X7R Inquiry
7565B223K602LE CAP RADIAL 7565,22NF,6KV,10%,X7R Inquiry
4540N332J602LE Image 4540N332J602LE CAP RADIAL 4540,3300PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
5550B103K902LE CAP RADIAL 5550,10NF,9KV,10%,X7R Inquiry
7565N272J602LE Image 7565N272J602LE CAP RADIAL 7565,2700PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
5550N182J103LE Image 5550N182J103LE CAP RADIAL 5550,1800PF,10KV, 5%, Inquiry
7565N222J602LE Image 7565N222J602LE CAP RADIAL 7565,2200PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
4540N152J103LE Image 4540N152J103LE CAP RADIAL 4540,1500PF,10KV, 5%, Inquiry
6560N392J602LE Image 6560N392J602LE CAP RADIAL 6560,3900PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
6560B682K103LE CAP RADIAL 6560,6800PF,10KV, 10% Inquiry
7565N122J103LE Image 7565N122J103LE CAP RADIAL 7565,1200PF,10KV, 5%, Inquiry
7565B682K103LE CAP RADIAL 7565,6800PF,10KV, 10% Inquiry
6560N182J103LE Image 6560N182J103LE CAP RADIAL 6560,1800PF,10KV, 5%, Inquiry
5550N272J602LE Image 5550N272J602LE CAP RADIAL 5550,2700PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
5550B682K103LE CAP RADIAL 5550,6800PF,10KV, 10% Inquiry
7565N182J602LE Image 7565N182J602LE CAP RADIAL 7565,1800PF,6KV,5%,C0 Inquiry
5550B103K802LE CAP RADIAL 5550,10NF,8KV,10%,X7R Inquiry
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