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We are a leading independent electronic components distributor of Sitime electronic component parts.\r\nBrowse the part number by Sitime to find the electronic component parts you need.\r\nOnce you find the Sitime electronic component part you are looking for, you can simply use the Request Quote Form to submit a request for quote (RFQ), and we will contact you quickly.\r\nIf you have a Spreadsheet/BOM, you can email your list to 
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SIT9120AC-2D2-33E156.250000X Image SIT9120AC-2D2-33E156.250000X OSC MEMS 156.25MHZ LVDS SMD Inquiry
SIT8008AC-71-18S-16.000000G Image SIT8008AC-71-18S-16.000000G OSC MEMS 16.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT1602AI-83-33E-10.000000X Image SIT1602AI-83-33E-10.000000X OSC MEMS 10.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT9120AI-2C2-25E100.000000 OSC MEMS 100MHZ 2.5V 15PF SMD Inquiry
SIT8008AI-82-33E-91.500000X Image SIT8008AI-82-33E-91.500000X OSC MEMS 91.50MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT1602AI-82-33E-50.000000X Image SIT1602AI-82-33E-50.000000X OSC MEMS 50.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT9120AI-1C3-33E133.330000X Image SIT9120AI-1C3-33E133.330000X OSC MEMS 133.33MHZ LVPECL SMD Inquiry
SIT8008AI-13-18E-24.000000G Image SIT8008AI-13-18E-24.000000G OSC MEMS 24.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT8209AI-82-33E-156.250000X Image SIT8209AI-82-33E-156.250000X OSC MEMS 156.25MHZ SMD Inquiry
SIT8008AC-23-18E-24.000000G Image SIT8008AC-23-18E-24.000000G OSC MEMS 24.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT8008AI-22-33E-8.000000G Image SIT8008AI-22-33E-8.000000G OSC MEMS 8.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT1602AC-12-18E-72.000000G Image SIT1602AC-12-18E-72.000000G OSC MEMS 72.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT8008AC-33-33E-90.000000X Image SIT8008AC-33-33E-90.000000X OSC MEMS 90.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT9121AC-1CF-33E100.300000X Image SIT9121AC-1CF-33E100.300000X OSC MEMS 100.30MHZ LVPECL SMD Inquiry
SIT1602AI-83-33E-25.000000X Image SIT1602AI-83-33E-25.000000X OSC MEMS 25.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT9120AI-2D3-33E200.0000 OSC MEMS 200.000MHZ LVDS SMD Inquiry
SIT1602AI-22-18E-24.000000G Image SIT1602AI-22-18E-24.000000G OSC MEMS 24.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT8008AI-72-33E-49.090900G OSC MEMS 49.0909MHZ SMD Inquiry
SIT8009AI-82-33E-125.000000X Image SIT8009AI-82-33E-125.000000X OSC MEMS 125.000MHZ SMD Inquiry
SIT3807AI-D2-33EE-16.800000X Image SIT3807AI-D2-33EE-16.800000X OSC MEMS 16.80MHZ SMD Inquiry
SIT8209AC-33-33E-156.250000X Image SIT8209AC-33-33E-156.250000X OSC MEMS 156.25MHZ SMD Inquiry
SIT1602AI-32-18E-24.000000X Image SIT1602AI-32-18E-24.000000X OSC MEMS 24.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT8008AC-83-33E-22.118400X Image SIT8008AC-83-33E-22.118400X OSC MEMS 22.1184MHZ SMD Inquiry
SIT1602AI-11-18E-60.000000G Image SIT1602AI-11-18E-60.000000G OSC MEMS 60.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT9120AI-1D2-33E150.000000X Image SIT9120AI-1D2-33E150.000000X OSC MEMS 150.000MHZ LVPECL SMD Inquiry
SIT1602AC-12-33E-3.570000G Image SIT1602AC-12-33E-3.570000G OSC MEMS 3.57MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT9201AC-S3-25E-24.000000G Image SIT9201AC-S3-25E-24.000000G OSC MEMS 24.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT1602AC-13-33E-24.000000G Image SIT1602AC-13-33E-24.000000G OSC MEMS 24.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT8209AI-21-33S-100.000000X Image SIT8209AI-21-33S-100.000000X OSC MEMS 100.000MHZ SMD Inquiry
SIT1602AC-12-33E-8.192000G Image SIT1602AC-12-33E-8.192000G OSC MEMS 8.192MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT1602AI-82-33S-54.000000X Image SIT1602AI-82-33S-54.000000X OSC MEMS 54.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT8008AI-22-18E-37.125000G Image SIT8008AI-22-18E-37.125000G OSC MEMS 37.125MHZ H/LV-CMOS SMD Inquiry
SIT1630AI-H4-DCC-32.768G Image SIT1630AI-H4-DCC-32.768G OSC MEMS 32.768KHZ LVCMOS SMD Inquiry
SIT1602AI-23-33E-25.000000G Image SIT1602AI-23-33E-25.000000G OSC MEMS 25.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT8209AC-G2-18E-156.250000X Image SIT8209AC-G2-18E-156.250000X OSC MEMS 156.25MHZ SMD Inquiry
SIT8008AI-12-18E-90.000000G Image SIT8008AI-12-18E-90.000000G OSC MEMS 90.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT1533AI-H4-AA2-32.768G Image SIT1533AI-H4-AA2-32.768G OSC MEMS 32.768KHZ NANODRIVE SMD Inquiry
SIT3808AC-CF-33EX-49.152000X Image SIT3808AC-CF-33EX-49.152000X OSC MEMS 49.152MHZ SMD Inquiry
SIT8008AI-12-33S-20.000000 OSCILLATOR 20MHZ LVCMOS 4-QFN Inquiry
SIT1533AI-H4-DCC-32.768E Image SIT1533AI-H4-DCC-32.768E OSC MEMS 32.768KHZ LCVMOS Inquiry
SIT8008AI-22-33S-14.318180G Image SIT8008AI-22-33S-14.318180G OSC MEMS 14.31818MHZ SMD Inquiry
SIT8008AC-83-33E-11.059200X Image SIT8008AC-83-33E-11.059200X OSC MEMS 11.0592MHZ SMD Inquiry
SIT8008AC-23-33E-24.500000G Image SIT8008AC-23-33E-24.500000G OSC MEMS 24.50MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT1602AI-32-28E-24.000000X Image SIT1602AI-32-28E-24.000000X OSC MEMS 24.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT1602AC-12-33E-4.000000G OSC MEMS 4.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT8208AI-G3-18E-33.333333X Image SIT8208AI-G3-18E-33.333333X OSC MEMS 33.333333MHZ SMD Inquiry
SIT1602AI-22-33E-25.000000G Image SIT1602AI-22-33E-25.000000G OSC MEMS 25.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
SIT8008AC-23-33E-51.892000G OSC MEMS 51.892MHZ H/LV-CMOS SMD Inquiry
SIT8008AI-82-33E-12.288000X Image SIT8008AI-82-33E-12.288000X OSC MEMS 12.288MHZ H/LV-CMOS SMD Inquiry
SIT8008AI-13-18S-24.000000G Image SIT8008AI-13-18S-24.000000G OSC MEMS 24.000MHZ H/LV-COMS SMD Inquiry
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